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There’s a new Whitney Houston fragrance

Whitney Houston’s estate has many projects in the works. While some fans have expressed dissatisfaction with some of the estate’s decisions, others have applauded the way the estate has expanded Houston’s legacy. Now those wondering what Houston smelled like can smell similar, with Houston’s premier fragrance in their name.

Houston’s Estate has released a new Eau de Parfum through HSN. According to the description, the perfume is inspired by Houston’s “bright personality, warmth and zest for life” and helps people “feel inspired and confident like Whitney, who has always encouraged women to embrace the greatest love for themselves.” Fans can download the new Shop the fragrance for $79 at 3.4 ounces or buy it with a body lotion in a bundle deal for $59.95. The lotion alone costs $20. There are also flex pay options.

It’s obvious that Houston’s estate put a lot of thought into the packaging. Simply titled ‘Whitney’, the perfume comes in a purple box, her favorite color, and features a beautiful picture of Houston singing on the front in a white dress. Your handwritten signature will appear at the top of the box. The crystal cap on the bottle cap is shaped similar to the American Music Award trophy — an honor Houston has won 22 times over the course of her career.

According to HSN, the perfume features notes of pear and citrus, gardenia, ylang-ylang and jasmine with added ambergris bottoms. The company says they worked with Houston’s estate to codify the singer’s “signature scent,” which was a blend of “fruity, sparkling florals” and a “warm, woody dry scent.”

It’s not the first foray into the beauty industry by Houston’s estate. In September 2021, the property announced an upcoming makeup collaboration with MAC Cosmetics. It’s something Houston has always dreamed of, according to Pat Houston, the singer’s sister-in-law and executor. The line has yet to be released, but it comes after similar collaborations with the Selena and Aaliyah estates.

“Whitney has always been an advocate for making women feel beautiful, whether it’s a big event or just everyday life. Our work with MAC is about creating a line that can meet all of those needs,” Pat said in a statement at the time.

She continued, “The line will match her colors, which she loved working with… Whitney absolutely loved makeup. She was introduced to cosmetics at a young age when she started modeling as a teenager. And then, of course, she saw so many famous women growing up around her — including her mom, Cissy Houston — watching them use makeup in their beauty routines. She loved using makeup as part of her art.”

Houston’s estate has been hard at work with big projects in recent years. In addition to album releases and vinyl releases, there have been merch partnerships, documentaries and a controversial hologram tour. But her biggest campaign has yet to be revealed.

Her long-awaited biopic I want to dance with someone will be released in December 2022. And in honor of her 60th birthday, a major campaign is in the works, featuring a Broadway musical, more albums and more.

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