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The Young and the Restless: All actors play Nate Hastings

With the amount of focus and screen time, the Newmans and Abbotts are getting on The young and the restless, it’s easy to forget that the show is also about another powerful family. The Barber/Winters family was introduced a few years into the show’s inception, but has been pushed into the background over the years.

Nate Hastings is one of those family members that has a lot to offer. The character has been recast a number of times over the years, so let’s take a look at every actor who has played Nate Hastings since his introduction to the series.

Nate Hastings was born to Olivia Barber Winters and Nathan Hastings. When Olivia was pregnant, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and warned that keeping Nate would endanger her life. She insisted on continuing the pregnancy, but Nate had to give birth early to save his mother’s life.

Nate’s father cheated on his mother with an HIV-infected woman. When Olivia found out about this, she was furious because she felt betrayed and also that Nathan Sr. had put her and Nate’s life in danger. She tried to keep Nate away from his father, but Nathan kidnapped the child. Life on the run wasn’t easy for Nathan, who eventually brought Nate back to Olivia.

However, Nate wandered off, and when Nathan went out to look for him, he was hit by a car and died. Olivia moved on with Malcolm Winters, and the two tied the knot a few years later. Malcolm loved Nate, but Olivia began to distance herself.

When she was hospitalized, she had a change of heart towards Malcolm and allowed her son to see him. Malcolm’s joy was short-lived when Olivia grew close to his brother Neil. Neil raised Nate for a while, and Nate went to boarding school not to see him again until he was grown.

When Josh Griffith came along Y&R As the lead writer in 2019, some cast changes were made. Actor Sean Dominic was announced as the new version of Nate Hastings this year. The actor made his debut as Nate on April 10, 2019.

Brooks Darnell began playing Nate as a series regular in 2018. The actor made his debut as the character on July 3, 2018. Darnell continued playing Nate for a year, but it was announced on March 28, 2019 that he had quit Y&R.

Walter Fauntleroy played the first adult version of Nate Hastings after the character aged rapidly. However, Fauntleroy was unable to showcase his soap opera chops as he continued primarily as a guest star, appearing in a handful of episodes for a year. His departure in 2011 led to a brief hiatus at Nate before Darnell took over years later.

Next to Dominic, Bryant Jones, a child actor, is the second person to play Nate Hastings for a long time. Jones began playing the character in 1996 as a child. He retained the role for six years before leaving the show in 2002, after which the character was only mentioned and never seen.

Malcolm Hunter was one of three child actors who played Nate during his childhood. Hunter played Nate from 1995 to 1996, when he passed the baton to Jones that year.

Christopher Pope was the first viewer of Nate Hastings. Written on the show in 1992, the character didn’t appear on screens until 1995, when Pope brought him to life. Pope only played Nate for a year before Hunter replaced him.

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