Friday, December 2, 2022

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The World Cup pundit learns of her mother’s death while on TV

She was invited as an expert to analyze the match between Denmark and Tunisia. But Nadia Nadim interrupted her mission due to a loss.

She was just a guest on live television. Nadia Nadim ordered the World Cup match on British broadcaster ITV

Denmark – Tunisia at the break. The Danish international has been invited as an expert. However, she was absent from the subsequent broadcaster roundtable and could no longer analyze the hard-fought draw (result: 0-0).

The reason was as tragic as it was understandable. Nadim learned about his mother’s death while on TV. As it turned out later, she died in a car accident. Nadim took the shocking news public with a mourning post to his nearly 300,000 Instagram followers.

The footballer wrote of a black photo: “I lost the most important person in my life and it happened so suddenly and unexpectedly. He was only 57. Words cannot describe how I feel.” A truck hit his mother. She was walking home from the gym and apparently died as a result of the accident.

Describing her grief, Nadia Nadim said: ‘I lost my home. And I know nothing will ever be the same. Life is unfair and I don’t understand why her and why like this. I love you,’ says the 34-20 years old, who was ranked 20th among the “most powerful women in international sport” by “Forbes” in 2018.

Not the first heavy defeat for the national team player. As a child she lost her father. She was a general in the Afghan army and was executed by the Taliban in 2000. That’s why Nadim fled to Denmark with her mother and siblings at the age of eleven – and later started her football career there. which lasts to this day.

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