Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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The World Cup odds continue to disappoint

From the point of view of television ratings, the World Cup in Qatar will not start. The start of the German national team was a flop, and things didn’t go any better on Thursday either.

The controversial World Cup in Qatar has been underway for five days. The opening match between the host and

Ecuador attracted little interest. 6.21 million fans were almost four million fewer than at the start of the 2018 World Cup – Russia vs Saudi Arabia. Since then, from a linear TV standpoint, the ratings haven’t cleared a magical hurdle.

Hope was in the start of the German national team. The DFB-Kicker around Hansi Flick started on Wednesday at 2pm against Japan. This time Das Erste was in charge of the transmission. And there should have been disillusionment: compared to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, well over ten million viewers were lost.

In Qatar there were 9.23m people watching Germany at 2pm, in Russia there were still 25.97m who had a market share of 81.6% at 5pm. Now the rate is just under 60%.

One thing is certain: none of the twelve World Cup matches played in Qatar has so far attracted more than ten million viewers. That hasn’t changed with the World Cup highlight Brazil – Serbia on Thursday evening during peak German broadcast time. Neymar and Co. only saw five million viewers in Germany do magic. Here are the numbers at a glance:

Thursday 24 November on ZDF

Wednesday 23 November in the premiere

Tuesday 22 November on ZDF

Monday 21 November on ZDF

Sunday 20 November on ZDF

Another focus on the German national team helps classify the catastrophic numbers: In 2006, the match between Germany and Ecuador at 16:00 was over 80%, the reach was over 21 million. In 2002 Germany’s match against Cameroon was broadcast at 1.30pm. Result: 15.7 million viewers, 77% market share. In 2010, a match against Serbia reached 22 million viewers simultaneously and garnered an 87% rating. The 4-0 victory over Portugal in 2014 was watched by 26.29 million viewers. For a 6pm Monday kickoff, there was a market share of 81.7%.

ARD and ZDF take turns broadcasting the games. Streaming channel Magenta TV has exclusive rights to 16 games. t-online is present at the World Cup in Qatar and tells the story of the most explosive tournament in the history of football. With the push of the World Cup, you will never miss any news again. You can sign up here.

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