Friday, December 2, 2022

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The Proud Boys Plan To Crush Storytime On The Heels Of Club Q Shooting

As the outpouring of grief over the Club Q shooting continues, the Proud Boys are set to protest another drag event.

The LGBTQ community was rocked by the killing of five people and the injury of 19 others at Club Q, a gay nightclub that held drag shows, in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Saturday night. The shooting followed a steady stream of far-right protests against LGBTQ events over the past year, coupled with anti-gay and anti-trans rhetoric pushed by prominent right-wing figures.

Days after the Club Q victims were buried, the Proud Boys plan to disrupt a drag storytime event in Columbus, Ohio. The local branch of the group has announced its intention regarding Telegram.

“The Columbus Proud Boys would like to announce that we will be attending Holi-drag story time to be held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus on December 3,” the post said, adding, “It will be savage!”

The Proud Boys have played a growing role in anti-LGBTQ mobilization over the past two years, according to national data from the Armed Conflict Localization and Event Data Project. The far-right extremist group appeared at a host of LGBTQ events in various states, threatening violence outside a drag brunch in Texas, protesting a Pride event at a public library in Carolina North and disrupting a drag show in California.

Extremism experts say these protests, which sometimes turn violent, led directly to horrific events like the shooting at Club Q.

“If you look at the history of how organized violence works, it can often start with protests, can often start with fights or fights, but very quickly can become armed events,” said Imara Jones, CEO from TransLash Media. Pleasemynews. “What we’re seeing globally right now is the transition and legitimization of the increasing violence and targeting of trans people by these groups.”

According to Eric Ward, Executive Vice President of Race Forward, the italicized word “savagein the Proud Boys message was a coded reference to the January 6 siege on the United States Capitol.

“They’re using the same word Donald Trump used when he asked people to come to DC and try to overthrow American democracy,” Ward said. Pleasemynews. “What he says in his tweet is, ‘It’s gonna be wild. The results of those words were over 160 law enforcement officers physically injured, people killed, bombs discovered at the DNC and Republican headquarters. »

“Proud Boys” trended in more than 21,000 tweets on Wednesday amid a flood of outrage over the planned protest.

“Just days after LGBTQ+ people were gunned down at a bar that was set to hold a family event, far-right activist group The Proud Boys are planning to disrupt a drag event in Ohio,” one activist tweeted. Erin Roseau.

activist McGinnis Shims urged, “Contact Ohio officials to demand that they publicly support LGBTQ+ communities. Call on them to speak out against the Proud Boys and all anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric.”

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