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The presenter must in the "Late night show" be replaced

On Friday the new season of “Celebrity Big Brother” began and with it the “Late Night Show”. There is now a short-term change.

Sent November 18th

Sat.1 again more or less well-known celebrities in Germany’s toughest TV-WG. The broadcaster kicked off its ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ anniversary season with 15 nominees. Two residents have already left the experiment: television detective Patrick Hufen and perfume influencer Jeremy Fragrance.

But fans will also have to do without another familiar face in the coming days. Because Melissa Khalaj disappeared for several episodes of the ‘Late Night Show’ which follows up on the regular ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ show. The presenter announced it on Wednesday evening.

After the hosting duo said goodbye to the late Jeremy Fragrance on the show, Melissa Khalaj told her colleague, “I won’t be with you for the next few days. I’m leaving you. In fact, I’m needed elsewhere. I won’t be here for the next few five days”.

The 33-year-old did not give a reason. However, it is assumed that he has to be on camera for “The Voice Kids” and cannot reconcile both programs. Jochen Bendel does not have to lead the next few days alone through the Late Night Show.

The issuer has already provided a replacement. Romina Langenhan, who some viewers may know from “Sat.1 breakfast television,” will represent Melissa Khalaj. Thursday night she can be seen on the show for the first time.

On Tuesday, Melissa Khalaj will co-moderate again with Jochen Bendel. The grand finale of the anniversary season will take place on December 7th. Then it will be decided who wins “Celebrity Big Brother”. There are currently 13 stars still in the running.

The current housing situation
attic: Rainer, Diana, Menderes, Valentina and Tanja
Garage: Sam, Katy, Doreen, Jörg D., Jay and Jörg K.
Mezzanine: Jennifer and Michaela
Exit: Patrick and Jeremy

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