Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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The presenter agrees "Promi Big Brother" out

The new episode “Celebrity Big Brother” started at 10:15 pm. This time, however, something is different: Jochen Schropp has to lead the show himself.

Jochen Schropp has been in front of the camera as moderator of “Celebrity Big Brother” since the second season. In 2014, the now 44-year-old comedian

Oliver Pocher exits. Four years later, the TV star received the support of Marlene Lufen for the first time and since then she has not left her side.

The two will also moderate the anniversary season together. But now Jochen Schropp has to do without his colleague and stand alone in front of the camera for Thursday evening’s format. “Welcome to ‘Celebrity Big Brother’,” the moderator greeted viewers at 10.15pm.

“And you see unfortunately without Marlene Lufen today. Unfortunately, she cannot be with me today. I hope she will be here again by my side tomorrow,” said Jochen Schropp without explaining why the 51-year-old went missing.

But it seems that he is struggling with health problems, because Jochen Schropp then said directly on camera to his colleague: “Get well soon, Marlenchen, I will miss you.”

Marlene Lufen isn’t the only one viewers should be without. There is also a change to “Celebrity Big Brother – The Late Night Show” on Thursday nights. Melissa Khalaj is out for the next few days because she has to be on camera for ‘The Voice Kids’. Meanwhile, she will be represented by Romina Langenhan. Sat.1 fans should know them from “breakfast television”.

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Garage: Sam, Katy, Doreen, Jörg D., Jay and Jörg K.
Mezzanine: Jennifer and Michaela
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