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The Patient: Where Was The Hulu Series Filmed?

The patient is a psychological thriller that takes place mainly in one specific location – namely the basement where Dr. Alan Strauss is chained. However, the Hulu series also delves into Alan’s past, exploring his relationship with his family through flashbacks. It also follows Sam in his daily life. Here is where The patient was filmed.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Patient Episode 8, “Ezra.”]

The Hulu series The patient follows Alan Strauss, a therapist who is kidnapped by his patient Sam Fortner. Sam has a murderous urge and hopes Alan can cure him. Although most of the series takes place in the basement, it also explores Alan’s past through flashbacks.

Alan recalls his wife Beth singing at their temple and having awkward interactions with his son Ezra after he converted. It also follows Sam as he leaves Alan for the day. In the latest episode, fans get a glimpse into Ezra and Shoshona’s life today.

According to The Cinemaholic, The patient was filmed in Los Angeles, California. Filming began in mid-January 2022. The outlet also reports that the Hulu series appears to have used the Fox Studio Lot at 10201 West Pico Boulevard.

Fox Studio Lot’s website states that it is “home to 15 different sound stages and scenic locations on the property. The 50+ acre lot contains iconic landmarks, art murals and various forms of architecture that illustrate the studio’s roots and history.”

Of course, filming a series where most of the action takes place between two characters in a room has its challenges. Co-creators Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg discussed this challenge in conversation with Collider.

“Every decision on that set was crucial. Luckily we had a brilliant production designer, Patricio Farrell, and this team and incredible directors,” Fields said. “You’re right, when you’re only in one place all decisions become very difficult because what you have mostly is those characters together in that one place.”

“For that we have to give a lot of credit to Chris Long, Kevin Bray and Gwyneth Horder-Payton for directing with that caveat, which is a caveat like hell,” Weisberg added. “It’s not for a theater director, but for a television director, it’s one hell of a restriction to tell them, ‘Keep this picture. Keep moving.'”

In case fans don’t appreciate Steve Carell’s dedication to his role as Dr. Doubting Alan Strauss, the actor was tied to the floor during filming The patient. “He was really chained. He was able to buy a fake shackle that could be untied,” Fields told Collider.

“I remember during the discussion I was like, ‘Okay, but what if something happens? He’s really chained.’ But that’s exactly what he wanted for his trial, and boy did it work. I’d also like to add that when we finally wrapped up and we were done, I said to Joe, ‘You know, we chained Steve Carell for months. There has to be something.’”

New episodes of The patient every Tuesday exclusively on Hulu.

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