Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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“The most manipulative and self-centered person I’ve ever met,” the singer discovered by Ellen Degeneres is candid about her bad experiences

In 2010, as a teenager, Ellen DeGeneres took young singer Greyson Chance under her wing. At just 13, the young man rose to fame thanks to his interpretation of Lady Gaga’s title “Paparazzi.” More than a decade has passed since then and Greyson is now 25 and leading a somewhat more discreet career, which hasn’t stopped him from confiding in Rolling Stone about his very bad experiences with the presenter.

According to him, Ellen DeGeneres wanted to control what she did and eventually gave it up “completely” when her albums failed.

“I’ve never met a person who is as manipulative, self-absorbed and opportunistic as she is,” Greyson said. “My whole week, my whole month, my whole year could change with just one message from him.”

He particularly remembered the day the host sent him the Justin Bieber documentary Never Say Never and insisted he watch it to get inspiration from the star. Greyson was then very tired from his tour and politely declined, which didn’t please the host at all.

According to him, Ellen DeGeneres called his mom and said, “What kind of mom are you? Do you realize that I’ve done everything I can to get this documentary and he can’t even sit down to watch it?”

Afterward, Greyson saw his album sales plummet and recalls being “abandoned” by the presenter and her team.

“I owe him the first part of my career,” admitted the singer, whose new album Palladium has just been released. “But I don’t owe her the album I’m promoting here. Because it was me who had to get up. She was gone.”

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