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"The more known you are, the more you have to fight"

Despite having sold 50 million LPs, the band Nickelback is controversial. In an interview, bassist Mike Kroeger reveals why hate leaves him as cold as he praises it.

Ever since Canadian rock band Nickelback celebrated their international breakthrough with “How You Remind Me” in 2001, music fans have split into two camps: some love them, some hate them. There doesn’t seem to be anything in between.

Chad Kroeger, the lead singer of the band, is regularly annoyed by this in interviews. His brother, bassist Mike Kroeger, is more relaxed about it.

“People have often called us the worst or most hated band of all time. So what? People should write whatever they want on the internet,” he said in an interview with t-online about new album “Get Rollin'” .

People were always saying something. You shouldn’t get upset about other people’s opinions, Kroeger said: “Dogs bark, people have opinions. It may sound crazy, but: Of course I’m happy when people associate something with our music. At the same time, it’s such an opinion as personal as a hateful comment.”

The resentment of many also has something positive. Because the title of “most hated band” only gets those who have reached a certain level of notoriety. But Kroeger admitted that the band expected something different at the beginning of their career: “When we were younger, we thought: everybody just likes you because you’re famous. We soon realized that wasn’t true. The most famous six, the more you have to fight.”

Over the years, the hate and rejection have subsided a bit. However, the band is often the subject of digital teasing. However, Kroeger finds some memes about his band amusing. His friends kept sending him these: “I can laugh about it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a husband and father, it’s that you should never take yourself too seriously.”

On the other hand, he takes his band seriously. He just released his tenth album, Get Rollin’. The corona pandemic made it difficult to write the songs. Despite this, the band managed to record songs together, Kroeger said. He especially praised his brother Chad. As a singer and songwriter, he has learned a lot over the years: “Now he writes even better and more catchy songs,” said Mike Kroeger.

However, his personal musical tastes differ: “I just like hard music. I love this band, but I probably wouldn’t listen to them in private. I just need it a little louder,” he said.

At least the album’s first single “St. Quentin” is more to his liking: Nickelback have rarely played so hard.

Kroeger said, “We’ve always been a rock band. Every album, every first single was a rock song. As a band, it’s the coolest thing when you can still surprise people. That’s a sign that people are still listening to you. “

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