Friday, December 2, 2022

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The man shows the guests how "destroy" rental unit: "Literal crime scene"

A man has shared a viral video showing the mess and destruction that awaited him in a unit he was renting out to guests.

The video, posted by TikTok user @mrloanofficer, was viewed over a million times as he walked through the apartment and pointed to disturbing graffiti, broken objects and something burning on a bed.

“My guests destroyed my Airbnb apartment,” the voiceover said in the video, although @mrloanofficer noted in the caption that the guests had booked the property through Vrbo.

A Vrbo spokesperson wrote to Pleasemynews that the company has processes and policies in place to help hosts protect their properties.

“Hosts can require guests to purchase property damage protection to cover any damages that may occur during their stay, and purchasing it is part of our booking and checkout experience,” she said.

She said hosts can set the amount of the deposit that guests are responsible for in the event of damage to the property. Additionally, hosts have two weeks after the guest checkout to file a claim.

According to the Vrbo website, guests who have paid a refundable deposit for their reservation will have it refunded as long as the host does not report any damage to the property.

In the event of damage to the accommodation, the customer will be charged to the credit card used when booking.

“Hosts may also require guests to sign a legal rental agreement prior to arrival to communicate exactly how they expect their property to be treated during their stay,” the spokesperson said.

House rules can be established that determine what is allowed and what is not, such as smoking, pets, and events.

“We have a full-time Trust and Safety team that helps keep bad actors away from our platform and prevent abuse of properties, and their actions include banning guests who violate house rules and our policies,” she said.

The spokesperson said Vrbo was trying to contact @mrloanofficer for additional damage information.

TikTok user @mrloanofficer walked through the apartment and showed various names and messages scrawled on the walls and doors, while broken items lay on the floor.

“Alexandrea is neither a criminal nor a heroine,” read a message written on the wall.

In the bedroom, the mattress was stripped and a bag was left to burn on the bed. The ceiling was burned and a knife block was found on the bedside table.

“Kai’s Torture Chamber,” was scribbled on the door to the chamber.

In a second video, @mrloanofficer said he doesn’t understand how someone can destroy another person’s property.

He showed the television which had two damaged places.

“And you started a fire in the bedroom?” @mrloanofficer asked. “What kind of ritual were you trying to do here?”

At the time of posting the third video, @mrloanofficer said damage so far cost $9,000. He also said he decided to hide his ads with Vrbo.

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