Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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The Greens are very critical of the heat island on track 10

The Vaud Greens are particularly critical of the outdoor facilities of the Platform 10 art district in Lausanne. They are almost fully mineralized and are believed to reflect neither the winning project nor the planting promises. They demand a rapid requalification of the place.

They also call for a reflection on all cantonal projects to avoid this type of development that creates heat islands, the Vaud Greens write in a media release on Tuesday. They will argue about these two points in the Grand Council and the Municipal Council of Lausanne.

With the inauguration of the entire district and its three museums last June, the first impression is of the “heat island train that has created the almost completely mineralized outdoor facilities,” according to the Greens. “The winning project nonetheless described an urban park, a desire further reinforced with the vote by the Grand Council for an additional loan in 2021 to re-green the site,” they point out.

“In view of the increasingly frequent heat and heat waves and the central location of platform 10, the benefit of a park would be great – for the people of Vaud and the many tourists,” they estimate.

The Greens and their partners are demanding that this promised greening be “implemented swiftly”. This consideration must also be made for the conversion of the CFF director’s post, the last part of platform 10 that they think should be equipped. A corresponding interpellation should be submitted to the Lausanne municipal council on Tuesday.

To further the deliberations, Green MNA Rebecca Joly will submit a motion to exclude this type of almost-all-mineral development from future large-scale cantonal architectural projects. The state as the client must also take into account the adaptation to global warming in its construction and development projects, the text says.

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