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The great tremor? These cult stars end their careers

The cult duo Marianne and Michael greet the stage in 2023. It will not be the only career break: an overview.

For Marianne and Michael Hartl, better known as Marianne and Michael, the 50th anniversary of the stage in 2023 also means the end of their careers. On the NDR talk show on October 7, 73-year-old Michael Hartl announced one for fans

sad decision: “I’ve been on stage for 62 years, 50 next year with my wife. I’ve had enough!”

Even his wife Marianne, 69, confirms his career after a very difficult period for both: “We want to do some other good TV programs and then say goodbye”. A “Schlagerkönig” made this difficult decision in the summer.

“The King of Majorca”, Jürgen Drews, announced his entry into the Schlager guesthouse on July 9 live at the “Schlagerstrandparty”. In an emotional message, the 77-year-old made it clear that he would take the stage for the last time at a Florian Silbereisen show in the fall. “Before I really break down, I want to say goodbye,” he explained.

Drew had already announced in 2021 that he was suffering from polyneuropathy, a nerve disease that affects mobility. Similar to his colleagues Marianne and Michael, the Schlagerbarde also wants to use his hiatus to have more family time in addition to focusing on health.

His wife Ramona, 49, explained that the corona pandemic in particular led to this decision. Drew realized “how good it is to be home and have time”.

Nino de Angelo, who became known in 1983 with the hit “Jenseits von Eden”, articulated very similar reasons for the expected end of his career in 2024 in an interview with “Bild” I finally want to live without the stress of the next concert dangling me from the neck. I can imagine any goal with Simone “.

Even though Nino de Angelo still wants to write songs in the future, he seems to have left a drastic opening for the hit world along with Jürgen Drew, Marianne and Michael.

It is not unusual for the industry to say goodbye to goodbye from time to time. Howard Carpendale already held an alleged farewell concert in 2003. The 76-year-old is still on stage.

On the other hand, things are quite different with Mary Roos. The 73-year-old made her last appearance in Florian Silbereisen’s “Schlagerchampions” in January 2020. Roos is still touring the country with a comedy show with stand-up comedian Wolfgang Stepper, but the big television comeback hasn’t materialized so far. Her successful colleague Ireen Sheer, of the same age, will likely retire from the spotlight in 2023 with the “Schlagerchampions”: “You don’t want your audience to say at some point, ‘Oh God, it’s still there.’ I do not want it”.

Singer Frank Schöbel, who celebrates his 80th birthday on December 11, revealed in his recently published bio “Thank you, dear friends!” that he is thinking of saying goodbye: “I will be goodbye very calmly and cordially because I don’t want to die on stage. Even if I said it once.” Wolfgang Petry hasn’t been seen in public since 2015. The 71-year-old now lives in the Canary Islands and rules out a return to the stage.

Jasmin Wagner, who became known nationally as Blümchen in the 1990s, celebrated a comeback in 2021 with her hit album “Von Herzen” and a fresh start in the hit segment, so to speak.

The list of successful potential successors is almost insatiable. Some of these newcomers may even hope for family help to get them off the ground. 26-year-old Julian Reim, son of singer Matthias Reim, is no longer a stranger in the blockbuster industry. His 22-year-old half-sister Marie Reim, daughter of pop star Michelle, is also an active pop singer. 25-year-old pop singer Eric Philippi even wrote a song for Beatrice Egli and managed to maintain his position at number 12 on the German charts with his debut album. The really big earthquake seems to have disappeared.

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