Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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The FMAC inaugurates its new premises in La Jonction

The Municipal Fund for Contemporary Art (FMAC) of the City of Geneva on Wednesday inaugurated its new exhibition and mediation spaces, located in the heart of the Jonction eco-district. The first exhibition is dedicated to the acquisitions of the year 2021.

The FMAC has adopted a single-story arcade that opens onto the eco-district’s central plaza. The more than 300 m2 rooms are divided into two: one part for offices and reception and another for the presentation of the collection.

The new exhibition is divided into two parts (from September 21st to November 21st and from December 21st to February 21st) to give the works enough space. The FMAC is a public collection of the City of Geneva based on local creation and visual arts. Established from 1950, the FMAC collection includes more than 5,000 works (public art, mobile works and video works).

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