Friday, December 2, 2022

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The editor of The Lady, Britain’s longest running women’s magazine, has appointed his WIFE as its new editor

As Britain’s premier and oldest women’s magazine, The Lady should have no shortage of candidates for its new editor.

However, its owner, Ben Budworth, has decided that there is only one suitable person for the job.

“He appointed his wife,” a shocked source tells me.

Helen Budworth was already editor-in-chief of the monthly publication, known for its ads for butlers and maids. Illustrious past contributors including Nancy Mitford and Lewis Carroll.

Budworth, 59, declined to speak about his appointment process.

“I’m not going to comment,” he tells me, before using language that would horrify readers of his “Magazine for Elegant Women,” founded by his great-grandfather in 1885. “You and your squad can take a copy of the Daily Mail and shove it up your ass, as far as I’m concerned.

The magazine confirms that Helen Budworth is now “acting editor”. It remains to be seen whether it will become a permanent position.

Mr Budworth, who lives with his wife at Bylaugh Hall, a Norfolk mansion where he maintains his private helicopter, has been criticized after putting himself on holiday during the pandemic and spending nearly £2,500 a month in taxpayers’ money.

He had previously horrified his three brothers and feared mum Julia by selling the magnificent Covent Garden headquarters and moving The Lady to Borehamwood in Hertfordshire, earning £12.4million.

I announced last week that Budworth has parted ways with editor Maxine Frith, who has been at the helm since 2019.

The magazine was featured in a memorable 2010 Channel 4 documentary, The Lady and The Revamp, when Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel was the editor.

Holly’s husband Company down £1.6million

Holly Willoughby, who is accused of “jumping in line” at the Queen’s Chancellery, isn’t the only member of her family who seems to be going through a turbulent time.

Her husband Dan Baldwin’s TV production company has just released its results, and they make for some surprising reading.

Hungry Bear Media Ltd figures show its net worth has fallen by a staggering £1.6m over the past year, from £1.83m in 2020 to £256,000. The number of employees has meanwhile been reduced from 38 to 20.

The company, which Baldwin founded in 2014, has created programs including Michael McIntyre’s Big Show and Feel The Fear With Wim Hof, which Willoughby served as host.

A spokesman declined to comment.

He may have turned 60 this year, but Michael Ball still has female fans all fluttering. “The weirdest thing was when someone handed me a packed suitcase and a ticket to Rhyl,” the singer recalls. “She wanted me to spend the weekend with her in a trailer.

‘When I told Cathy [his partner, Cathy McGowan]She laughed and said, “If you want to go, I’ll drive you to the train station.”

great night off is a bit of a dog Dinner!

I’m A Celebrity winner Georgia Toffolo has found the perfect way to navigate the urban jungle: she takes her dog with her when she comes to town.

First, brown King Charles Spaniel puppy Monty was tied outside Sexy Fish restaurant in Mayfair. The former Made In Chelsea star, 27, was spotted feeding him a large beef bone.

‘Toff’ later went to 5 Hertford Street, a private members’ club, and Monty was later seen enthusiastically greeting them in a car outside in the early hours of the morning.

Georgia’s alleged fiancé, financier “Posh George” Cottrell, has not been seen. Maybe he felt three was a lot?

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