Friday, December 9, 2022

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The Duchess Meghan talks about mental health: she was called hysterical and crazy

Duchess Meghan faces a serious issue: that women are often not taken seriously. She reveals what experiences she has had in this regard.

With “Archetypes”, the Duchess Meghan launched her podcast. There she also talks about socially relevant topics and repeatedly makes comparisons with her life and her experiences. So now in the new episode.

“Hands up whoever has ever been called crazy or hysterical, or even stupid,” the 41-year-old begins a brief round of questions among her guests to introduce the topic – she raises her hand herself, she explains. You don’t explain in what context. But she wanted to draw attention to this very complaint: that women’s feelings and problems are often not taken seriously and that one is called “crazy”.

“It can go so far that anyone who has been labeled insane enough times thinks they are actually not okay. Or sometimes it’s even worse that real problems of any kind are ignored.” The mother of two does not like the word “crazy” at all. Because of the “way it’s being circulated so casually and the damage it is frankly doing everywhere.” This stigmatization silences people, psychological problems are repressed.

She was also taught not to show any feelings in public and instead to always stay calm. As a result, she often has a hard time crying. But she wanted to “let him out,” points out the wife of

Prince Harry further.

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