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The ‘Cuban cowboy’ spurs a struggle at the premiere of ‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions

In a September 9 Instagram video, “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton announced, using a hairbrush as a microphone, “I’m passing the microphone on to someone who just auditioned.” The scene then switched to Orlando Mendez donning a cowboy hat, thanking Blake (who was no longer on camera), and introducing himself.

‘What’s up? My name is Orlando Mendez aka ‘the Cuban Cowboy’ and I am so excited to announce that I have auditioned for season 22 of ‘The Voice’. Correct! Tune in every Monday and Tuesday from September 19 to see if I had a chance to pick a coach.”

Mendez was indeed allowed to choose a coach. He even got to choose from all four coaches after singing “Beer Never Broke My Heart” by Luke Combs.

In his pre-audition video, Mendez described himself as a Cuban-American who loves country music and storytelling. A clip of his family showed a happy group, which Mendez described as “we live intensely, eat a lot, dance a lot, drink a lot and have a good time.”

Mendez’s mother, who attended the audition, joked, “We went from salsa dancing to two-stepping.”

The Cuban Cowboy was concerned about what he would do if both Camila Cabello and Blake Shelton turned their seats for him, as one coach appeals to his Cuban roots while the other appeals to his country calling. Well, in the end he had to make that tough choice, along with the added pressure to have Gwen Stefani and John Legend in the mix.

The battle for Mendez mostly came down to Shelton and Cabello. It turns out that not only are Cabello and Mendez both from Miami, but Mendez’s brothers actually went to the same school as Cabello.

Noting that the connection to his hometown could make him lose it, Shelton joked, “I don’t really have the country roots that Camilla has.”

After much debate and discussion, The Cuban Cowboy joined team Camila, leaving Shelton to grumble, “I’ve lost my mojo.”

According to idolchatteryd.com, Mendez is “a 26-year-old Florida recording artist who has released music in multiple genres. He calls himself the Cuban cowboy and has recently played country and southern rock music as the Orlando Mendez Band.”

On January 7, 2022, Mendez posted to Instagram a clip of him performing in front of a sign that read, “Recording Industry Association of America RIAA sponsored event.” Mendez captioned the video with “2022 started making a dream come true and playing some original songs at the Bluebird Cafe. Here’s a snippet of my song ‘Front Porch Heartbreak’.”

According to idolchatteryd.com, Mendez “released his first country song – “3 Beers Ago” – in the spring of 2021 as The O2 Band.” Some of the lyrics go like this: “I got some records that will blow your mind / I have a big soft bed I bought online / And I turn on the hot tub from my phone / Girl I don’t want to come off so strong/I wish I could take you home/Since we said hello/3 Beers Ago.”

Mendez told Voyagemia in an interview on June 6, 2019: “While I’ve always written lyrics with beats in mind, I’ve never had a way to make music out of it. Through many failed attempts, I’ve never been able to pick up the piano or the guitar. .”

Mendez went on to explain, “I wanted a way to make my lyrics more than just poetry on a page. That all changed when I heard that my cousin, Trism, was producing music and he was actually damn good at it! started recording together and now look forward to releasing many of our creations.”

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