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The Chase’s Mark Labbett shows off his incredible 10 stone weight loss on Loose Women

Chase star Mark Labbett showed off his incredible 10 stone weight loss during an appearance on Loose Women Monday.

The 57-year-old TV personality showed off her trimmed figure in a purple shirt and blazer as he sat on the panel.

Mark, who went from size 5xl to 2xl, also revealed how he shed the pounds by saying he’s been “eating less and drinking more” and focusing on his health.

He said he completely changed his diet due to battling diabetes and said it played a role in his weight loss.

“I think maybe the diabetes helped because I’m eating a lot less. I’m drinking a lot more fluids,” he said of his weight loss.

“And looking after a five-year-old during lockdown hasn’t helped. How many times have I collapsed in a heap! Also, I’m so busy these days,” he added.

It comes after The Chase star, aka The Beast, shared a shirtless pic of himself showing off his weight loss in January.

The trimmed quiz genius, 56, said in the caption that he had gone from size 5xl to 2xl but said at the time he “still has work to do” on his figure.

He wrote in the caption, “52” chest so down from 5xl to 2xl, still work to do… XL or bust :)”

Fans were quick to praise his incredible progress, writing in the comments, “This is awesome Mark!”

Another said: “Well done mate great effort” and a third wrote: “Amazing progress Mark!”

Mark recently appeared on ITV’s The Pet Show, as reported by Yahoo! reports, where he spoke about his impressive image maintenance.

He credited his golden retriever named Baloo with helping him settle into a regular exercise regimen.

The TV star said his estranged wife initially promised that she would take care of, feed and walk the dog when they first had him.

He recalled, “That lasted about two weeks before she decided, ‘Actually, Mark, look at your stomach — you need the exercise!'”

“I’ve led him across the fields and taken me to places. I think it helped me a lot just because I’m more active,” he said.

He previously said on Loose Women that he was advised by a friend not to wear a gastric band because he gets his calories from hard-to-digest sugar.

Mark also credited his son for his weight loss, saying: “The most important thing is to run after a hyperactive toddler when daycare has closed.

“I’m sure every woman knows that, how do you keep up with them? I found that instead of going to the fridge for a late night snack, I could just collapse on the bed at the end of the evening,” he said.

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