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The Challenge Vets Sound Out On Finals ‘USA’ And Controversy Over Production

The finale of “The Challenge: USA” was plagued with controversy and criticism from fans and contestants over inconsistencies in the show’s rules, especially regarding timeouts at checkpoints.

An explosive interview with Tyson Apostol was published by Entertainment Weekly after the finale in which the four-time ‘Survivor’ star went into production. Tyson claimed there was a lack of instructions during the final, inconsistent rules regarding time-outs and an unfair system for the women who had to compete without a partner. He also accused producers of having the wrong answer to his math equation and of not being honest about the prize money.

Fans also had mixed reactions to the finale, with many disqualifying Angela Rummans for a strategic move without warning and cast members not being able to time the Sudoku puzzle while being able to time other puzzles. There were also many complaints about Desi Williams’ immediate disqualification after Enzo Palumbo stopped in the first leg of the final.

After the finale and Tyson’s interview, many “Challenge” OGs talked about the finale and criticized the production. Rachel Robinson tweeted, “1. missed opportunity by #TheChallengeCBS and involved not to let the women work together after that guy Enzo quit the first 5 minutes. We would actually have had a fair final. This finale made absolutely no sense and @BunimMurray should do better well into the series. Seriously.”

Janelle Casanave replied, “#dobetter #justiceforthewomen.” Rachel added, “I really mean enough already.” Melinda Collins said: “I haven’t seen the @TheChallenge finale yet, but I think it raised serious questions about fairness and the rules. What’s your take on this?” Janelle replied that it had “[All Stars 2] feeling.”

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Trishelle Cannatella also shared her support for Tyson, tweet, “Yes to the people who ask. I saw this article. I agree with Tyson. He is a real competitor and I felt terrible for Angela and him for not understanding the challenge format. They won’t tell you anything that you have to figure out for yourself.”

Tina Barta commented,,At the moment I have reduced it to 2 major blunders. I have not found any reasonable explanations for the #TheChallengeCBS finale. 1) The women got f*****, 2 in particular 2) Say the math was wrong when it wasn’t. Both are productive*** ups.”

Teck Holmes wrote“Shout out 2 @TysonApostol & [Entertainment Weekly writer] @SydneyBucksbaum 4 to keep it real. Next season of the @thechallenge should be called ‘Lies, Lies, & More Lies’ because there’s bound to be plenty coming out of the production! #Facts #DoBetter.” He too told Melinda, “It was a *** show Melly Mel AS *** SHOW. But it proved the point I was trying to emphasize to the rest of the All Stars. We’re screwed, they’re screwed, so I say screw the challenge.

In response to Nehemiah Clark’s writing, “So there was a vegan option????” about the eating challenge, Teck wrote: “You’re not a cute white girl. They don’t give a fuck about you!!! I should make a song about it. #SaveThePalace.” During the “All Stars 3” finale, Nehemiah had a hard time eating a portion because they were plates of meat and he hadn’t eaten meat for 15 years.

KellyAnne Judd also spoke about the final, to write“If we are asked to risk our lives to become champions, there must be rules that we are aware of before we compete. In a challenge, in an elimination and in a final. What else are we doing here? #TheChallengeUSA.”

Derek Chavez tweeted“Why do I feel like they just told Sara to move on with both puzzles because they knew everyone was going to give up? Like she was having a hard time and suddenly she was a beast? Her acting wasn’t very convincing when she said has everyone made it up already? #not impressed.”

While most of the comments from “Challenge” veterans seemed to agree that mistakes had been made, a few stars defended the finale. Wes Bergmann tweeted,,It would mean a lot if fans of OG challenge don’t take this opportunity to jump down their throats. The Challenge Final is meant to break you. So we can’t be mad when rookies break; or make strategic missteps.”

Devin Walker wrote“Seriously, this is pathetic. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Especially you @TysonApostol.” He added: “A sudoku knocked out half of the finalists and they think they can stay with us..? HAHAHA! CBS cast makes @_nelsonthomas and @CoryWharton look like nuclear physicists.”

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