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‘The Challenge: Ride or Dies’: Shafaat doesn’t seem to be the only one getting messy — Jordan Wiseley is reported to have gotten involved with his two exes

The challenge Season 38 will be messy according to spoilers. But “Messy” Fessy Shafaat won’t be the only reason. ride or die will be the first season Jordan Wiseley faces Tori Deal since they called off their engagement. But she’s not the only ex Jordan will face off against. Season 38 will also see the return of Jordan’s ex, Laurel Stucky. And apparently Jordan hooked up with his two exes during filming.

Four-time champion Jordan says he almost turned down an opportunity to compete ride or die because he knew Tori would compete too. After meeting up dirty 30, Jordan and Tori developed a connection and started dating. And further war of the worlds 2Jordan proposed to Tori after winning an elimination.

However, the couple split for good in November 2020 and called off their engagement. It didn’t look like Jordan had any interest in competing with his ex. He told Entertainment Weekly that Tori is a big part of his life, and going into that environment with her was something he was “very scared” of. Eventually, however, he changed his mind.

“As I sat back for a second, I was like, ‘You know what? I was here first.’ I have to take care of my stuff if I want to go play,” Jordan said.

Jordan revealed he’s not entering ride or die at the beginning of the season. Instead, he later enters as Twist and it knocks Tori off.

“I have to give Tori a lot of credit because at least I had a heads-up. I knew what I was getting into and she didn’t,” Jordan admitted. “I could only imagine what she was thinking.”

The challenge The legend added that there would be “some tough talks” between him and his ex, claiming “we’re all getting shut down.” But according to spoilers, Jordan and Tori got a lot more than just closure. Apparently, the exes met while filming Season 38.

However, Tori isn’t the only ex Jordan hooked up with in Argentina last summer. He also reconnected with Free Agents Winner Laurel Stucky.

Laurel has not competed since then war of the worlds 2 back in 2019 – the same season Jordan Tori proposed. The popular vet is finally back to go head-to-head with her good friend, adult film star Jakk Maddox, and spoilers have revealed she also hooked up with Jordan during filming.

Laurel and Jordan were the poster couple for 2014 Free Agents, and both are super competitive and full of confidence when it comes to their own talent. When they were caught kissing The challenge House this season, Aneesa Ferreira’s reaction was that “it’s like they’re dating themselves.”

Jordan and Laurel quit during the Free Agents Reunion show they were still together, but that was the last time fans ever got an update on their relationship. When he came back fight of exes 2Jordan competed with Sarah Rice in Panama, and Laurel was left behind.

At this point many challenge Fans have forgotten that Jordan and Laurel ever dated. But they will get a reminder next season. It gets messy.

The Challenge: Ride or die Premiered October 12 on MTV.

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