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The Block: “Dodgy Dealers” Omar and Oz buy a piano for just $8,000

Block contestants Omar and Oz have again been accused of “shady dealing” after they managed to land a huge bargain.

The best friends from west Sydney thought the best way to win Living and Dining Week was to buy a baby grand piano and install it in their flat.

“Oz and I are really trying hard to get a baby grand this week,” Omar told producers on Tuesday’s episode.

“If we can pull that off, I think it’s going to make this space look really amazing.”

The couple turned to piano dealer John Martin for help in finding the perfect piano.

Mr. Martin explained that the piano is equipped with self-playing and recording functions that can be played back for the pianist.

The boys then learned that the instrument would cost them a whopping $36,000.

Omar and Oz didn’t seem too bothered by the astronomical price and said they would “work something out” to get a better deal.

‘[Mr Martin] Said he’ll look out for us,’ Omar said to the cameras.

Somehow, the couple managed to get the price down to just $8,000 — a huge bargain that raised many eyebrows among the crew.

“How did you get it down to eight grand?” asked one producer, to which Omar replied vaguely, “I don’t know.”

“Honestly, you have to be a hustler. You must hurry,’ he added.

That response seemed like a poor excuse, especially after Omar and Oz were accused of being “shady” by foreman Keith Schleiger and former contestant Ronnie Caceres last week.

On last Wednesday’s episode, Keith discovered a large defect in the boy’s ceiling after he hopped by to inspect the roof of their winning bathroom

The foreman noticed that a ceiling joist had been removed to fit a heat light and said it was a major safety issue that could eventually cause the Gyprock to collapse.

“I found something I didn’t want to see,” he said to the boys. “Actually, I’m disgusted. I’m really angry. I am angry.”

He continued, “There’s a large span of about 1,500mm with no frame around it. An IXL Tastic would weigh a few pounds. It will fall through the plaster.’

Omar and Oz assured Keith that their team was “doing everything by the book,” but he hadn’t.

Keith then pointed out that the ceiling was already sagging by 25mm and the couple had no insulation throughout the house, which had to be done “week after week”.

Then he turned on the boys and accused them of not doing work.

“Every time I see you guys – I’m just being honest here – you’re on the phone. I’ve never seen you hit me. I’ve never seen you cut, nail, screw anything,’ Keith said.

‘No more ridiculous stuff, boys. That must not happen.’

Keith then stormed off before continuing his tirade at the producers.

“It’s just ridiculous… I’m just fed up with all the deviousness,” he raged.

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