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The Block: Casting for 2023 season is now open, Channel Nine announces

Channel Nine has started casting for next year’s season of The Block.

The announcement comes after producers of the hit renovation show spent $14.3 million on a row of five homes on Melbourne’s Bayside earlier this year.

Would-be blockheads for the nineteenth season should expect filming to begin in March 2023 and last 10 to 12 weeks, 9Honey reports.

Next season will once again be hosted by Block’s favorite Scott Cam, and teams of two will go head-to-head.

Network policy states that successful applicants cannot work during production.

Meanwhile, producers have warned contestants that “long-term couples, family teams and lasting friendships just have to apply.”

The location for next season has not yet been officially confirmed but will likely be in Hampton East, 14km from Melbourne’s CBD.

The block’s producers bought five adjacent classic brick homes on Charming Street for $14.3 million between June 29 and July 1, reports.

Only one of the five properties purchased along the row of houses numbered 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 has two bedrooms. The other four boast three to four bedrooms.

The size of the individual blocks ranges from 575 to 703 m².

The Block filmed its 2021 season in neighboring Hampton, just a mile from the 2023 location.

One of the block’s regulars, Denise Jacobs, said East Hampton would “take off,” even if it was Hampton’s “poor cousin,” which tends to be more expensive.

Casting for The Block runs until October 17th. You can apply here.

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