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The Block 2022: Inside host Scott Cam’s incredibly renovated home

Scott Cam’s own renovation project on The Block is progressing fabulously.

The 59-year-old host, who announced earlier in the season that he would be renovating his own home with the contestants, has posted photos of the completed rooms in the 1866 Weather Board House.

So far on the Channel Nine show, Scott has unveiled a yellow-themed guest bedroom, blue-toned kitchen and master bedroom.

Now he’s opted for pink tones, giving viewers a glimpse of a second gorgeous guest bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.

The teams were blown away by the space Scott and his team put together.

“Oh wow,” gasped Omar and Oz as they entered the room.

“It’s different guys. Look at the lights,’ added Oz. “I wouldn’t choose it for my own home, but saying that, I love it.”

Sarah-Jane and Tom were also impressed, although Tom wasn’t a fan of Scotty’s other guest bedroom.

‘Far. That’s nice, nice,’ he said.

Competitor Ryan added: “I like this one.”

The bed was draped with a baby pink comforter and a burgundy throw blanket.

The simple white wardrobes with golden handles offer plenty of storage space and match the color scheme of the room perfectly.

As for the en-suite bathroom, the pink theme is continued with the tiles and decor, while touches of gold have been added to the faucets and shower fixtures.

A cute bath mat and pink patterned towels complete the whole thing perfectly.

There is also a small light at the bottom of the wall next to the toilet when people are using the bathroom at night.

It is indeed a sensor light, meaning it doesn’t need to be turned on and off manually.

“That’s a great idea,” Ryan remarked, to which Tom replied, “That’s freaking awesome…I love that.”

Scott unveiled his yellow guest bedroom a week earlier. The color theme was inspired by a vintage chaise longue he found, he said.

The addition of the chaise longue is a perfect nod to the heritage of the home, with Sarah-Jane and Rachel saying they found the room “very cute”.

“I like it quite a bit,” Rachel added.

But the guys were quick to point out the size of the room.

“Far out, that’s tiny! You can’t swing a cat in here,” Ryan commented.

“I mean, it’s a cool little room, but I don’t walk in here and I’m blown away,” added Tom.

Scott got a head start on his renovation, starting work three months before The Block contestants as the homestead had been desolate for more than 25 years and was “falling to pieces” requiring urgent attention.

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