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The Amazon and Daniel Schweizer at the Maison du Diable in Sion

For years, filmmaker Daniel Schweizer has dealt with the social, cultural and economic issues of the Amazon. His documentary work is the focus of an exhibition at the Maison du Diable in Sion until January 15, 2023.

Twenty years ago Daniel Schweizer dreamed of finding Parana, the little Indian hero from his children’s book by Dominique Darbois (photos) and Francis Mazière (texts). With a few clues and photos, the filmmaker then makes his way to French Guiana and finds the one who shaped him so much as a child.

Daniel Schweizer then observed the damage caused by illegal gold panning and the consequences of deforestation through mining on site and during numerous trips to Brazil, Suriname and Peru. “After the dream place for outrage and fights. By listening to the Wayana, the Xikrin, the Yanomami, the Kayapo or the Macuxi, the filmmaker witnesses, engages and gives a voice to the last indigenous peoples of Amazonia,” explains Keystone-ATS Nicolas Rouiller, curator of the exhibition and director of the Maison du Diable, a cultural space managed by the Fellini Foundation.

In the rooms of the Maison du Diable in Sion, the visitor discovers photographs, writings, travel diaries, paintings, testimonies. But also excerpts from the four “impactful films” that Daniel Schweizer shot on site (a fifth is in post-production). “His fascinating book ‘Daniel Schweizer, Eine Amazonas-Odyssey’ is the title and central theme of the exhibition,” says Nicolas Rouiller.

The curator formulates a wish: “That these testimonies, these photographs and these films can not only make us travel and dream, but also help us to become aware of the hardships that are there, in the Amazon and here in Switzerland on the game where more than 60% of the world’s gold is refined”.

Geneva-born independent filmmaker, producer and anthropologist Daniel Schweizer has lived in Sion for over ten years and teaches at the Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD). In particular, he is the author of a documentary trilogy on the extreme right, skinheads and neo-Nazis. “Skinhead Attitude” received the Audience Award at the Leeds Film Festival in England and was nominated for the Swiss Film Award and the German Television Award; “White Terror” received the Documentary Film Award of the City of Zurich.

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