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The Amazing Race Spoilers: How Far Will Derek And Claire Get In Season 34?

The amazing race Season 34 is currently airing on CBS, but the network filmed the competition in May and June 2022. Thanks to social media spotting, we know of some spoilers The amazing race Season 34 and its participants. And among those spoilers is how far Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss get in the competition.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Amazing Race Season 34.]

Derek and Claire met big brother 23 but didn’t start dating until after the game. A year later, the couple took their relationship to the next level and signed up to be a part of it The amazing race season 34

Derek and Claire dominated in the first leg where they took first place. Many fans credited her victory to her communication and navigation skills. However, over the next two stages, the duo ran into a few speed bumps (no pun intended).

Claire stumbled through the yodeling roadblock in the second episode. She and Derek left the task second to last, but they persevered and finished the stage in fourth place. Then, in the third leg, Claire struggled again during the roadblock. The contestants had to assemble a motorcycle, which took Claire longer than the other contestants.

However, Derek and Claire still left the roadblock in sixth place. And viewers will see the continuation of the third leg in episode 4.

The amazing race Season 34 ended in Nashville, Tennessee, per spoilers. The final three teams traditionally traveled from Reykjavík, Iceland, where the penultimate stage was held, back to the United States for the final race. And while in Nashville, fans watched the final three races on the final leg of the season.

According to Reality Fan Forum, Derek and Claire were among the last three teams to compete in Nashville for the $1 million grand prize. Several people shared on social media how they filmed the show. However, since the last pit stop was believed to have taken place in a closed off area, it’s unclear whether Derek and Claire will win or not The amazing race season 34

Many fans believe they could become champions because they were reportedly ahead of the other two teams towards the end of the stage. Unfortunately, the only way to tell if Derek and Claire are the winners is to watch the finale.

Claire and Derek recap episodes of The amazing race Season 34 on his YouTube channel. And after winning the first half of the season, Derek explained his thinking before starting the second half.

“I was pretty confident going in there,” Derek explained. “I was like, ‘Claire, I think we’re just going to win The amazing race at the moment.’ I don’t know how else to say it.”

Claire added, “We’re about to sweep.” And Derek said, “‘Congratulations, you have $500,000.’ When I went into the second leg I think I brought the same mentality with me. And I thought, ‘If we just keep doing what we’re doing, I don’t know when we’re ever going to lose.'”

New episodes of The amazing race Season 34 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. And in the meantime, check back at the showbiz cheat sheet for more The amazing race Season 34 spoilers.

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