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The Amazing Race Season 34: Derek and Claire Say Big Brother Trauma Made They Distrust Competitors

Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss have learned one thing Big Brother Season 23: Don’t trust anyone. OK, they learned more than that, but that lesson stuck in their minds especially as they set out The amazing race Season 34. In a recent video on their YouTube channel, Derek and Claire revealed how “Big Brother Trauma” caused them to “trust” their competitors less. The amazing raceand how that mindset might come back to bite her.

Before their romance began, Claire and Derek met at a competition big brother 23 last year. They quickly formed an alliance with fellow houseguests Travis Long and Kyland Young. Even as tensions in the house rose with each eviction, the two maintained their alliance until Derek himself was evicted. Soon after, Claire joined him on the jury.

Alliances are common Big Brother, betrayal and secrets are equally prevalent. So it’s not surprising that after their time, Derek and Claire became a little more wary of everyone around them Big Brother. Still, once they’ve joined The amazing racethey realized that not every competitor has an ulterior motive.

Derek and Claire then sat down together The amazing race Season 34 Episode 3 to discuss what happened this week. The episode featured the first half of a mega leg in Italy. First, teams had to choose between two detours: “Class Leader,” which involved an anatomy lesson and test, or “The Big Cheese,” where teams had to deliver two halves of a giant wheel of cheese to different restaurants. Then they drove to the Ducati factory, where a teammate assembled a bike.

While completing The Big Cheese, Claire and Derek discovered fellow contestants Michael and Marcus Craig. They stopped the team to ask for directions and Marcus was happy to help. However, Derek and Claire quickly became suspicious of how willing Marcus was to give orders.

“Me and Claire are dating Big Brother. I know they’re not just going to give us the hint,” Derek said.

Derek and Claire noticed Marcus and Michael going in a different direction, so they followed. However, Marcus proved he was telling the truth, and Derek and Claire had to backtrack. Luckily her destination was just around the corner, but that could have set her back a long way.

“Our experience on Big Brother definitely scared us a bit because we weren’t that trusting,” added Derek. “But he was really just trying to help us.”

Aside from scarring them, Big Brother gave Derek and Claire a slight edge The amazing race. First of all, they already had experience with camera crews and the ins and outs of reality TV. Plus, their time together continues Big Brother gave Derek and Claire time to catch up the strengths and weaknesses of the other.

“I think it was my physical endurance in some of the challenges,” Derek previously told Us Weekly The amazing race Season 34 has started. “But Claire has one of the fondest memories of anyone I know. She has great attention to detail and there are so many challenges that are literally all about the attention to detail.”

“Derek is oddly good at a lot of things. if you watch Big Brother“He would be very good at random challenges,” Claire added. “I do think that we complement each other quite well.”

Fans can tune in The amazing race on October 12 to see how Derek and Claire fare in the second part of the Mega Leg. New episodes of The amazing race Airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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