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The Amazing Race season 34: Derek and Claire fought off-screen

Couples, meanwhile, had on-screen fights The amazing race multiple times throughout the show’s 34 seasons. The nature of competition creates increasing tension and some cannot handle the pressure. And the fact that competitors ride in duos means they usually take their frustration out on their partners. As for Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss, the stress came to them during the third round The amazing race season 34

Derek and Claire met big brother 23 on CBS in 2021. Although they didn’t date at the house, they bonded at the jury house.

A few weeks after big brother 23 Finale Derek and Claire announced they were dating, much to the surprise of fans. But since then their connection has only grown stronger and they currently live together in Los Angeles.

Derek and Claire agreed to appear in another CBS reality competition series – The amazing race Season 34. Their season premiered on September 21, 2022 and the duo got off to a great start right away. They finished the first stage in first place due to their excellent communication and navigation skills. The next two stages, however, were a different story.

During stage two, Claire struggled during a yodeling roadblock. She and Derek left the Challenge second to last but made up ground to finish in fourth place. Then, in stage three – a megaleg that will end on the October 12 episode – Claire struggled again while a motorbike built a roadblock.

She managed to complete the task, and the last time The amazing race Season 34 viewers saw Claire and Derek, they were in sixth place.

Derek and Claire post summaries of The amazing race Follow season 34 on Derek’s YouTube channel. And in their latest video, the pair discussed a fight they had off-screen early in the third leg.

“We’re a long way behind all the teams we started with because firstly we’re behind them to start directions and then we got lost after following the wrong car,” explained Derek. “So at this point I’m like, ‘Shoot. We’re like 20, 30 minutes behind.’ That only led to a spiral. That’s when we went into our first fight of the race.”

Claire added: “I was wrong too because the map was so hard to read… Where we started wasn’t on the map. Our first clue wasn’t on the map. So we got very lost and at some point we realized I won’t be able to navigate us to where we need to go.”

“Me and Claire had to stop and ask for directions,” Derek continued. “This is where we got into one of our first fights because I didn’t understand why we couldn’t find each other on the map.” Claire answered: “It’s hard for me to explain to you. So we both get more and more frustrated with the situation. So we have to stop and stop someone.”

Derek explained that the person told them to “keep going west … We get back in our car and I said, ‘Wait, Claire. Where is West?’ That escalates our fight a bit because I’m like, ‘How can we not even know which way west is?’ That’s where we fought our first fight.”

“But we made it because we prepared for it,” he revealed. “And I remember when we got to the race, we were like, ‘We’re going to have a disagreement. But at the end of the day we disagree because we’re trying to figure out what’s right. It’s not because of anything personal that either of us does. Because we both want what’s best for us.’”

Claire added, “We don’t think the other person is stupid. We both want to win. We fight hoping to find what is best.”

“So it’s almost like it’s a disagreement, but it’s like constructive progress toward the best answer,” concluded Derek. “And I think you can learn a lot about someone when you’re involved in an argument, and then your relationship becomes stronger as a result.”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, The amazing race Season 34 host Phil Keoghan spoke about Derek and Claire and previewed their journey on the show.

“I think they wouldn’t flinch if I used the word maybe a little cockily when I come in,” revealed the host. “Like, ‘We’ve done this before. We have participated in TV shows before. We know what it’s about.’”

Keoghan added: “But I think as they got into the race they might have realized that it was a little bit more than they thought. In the right sense. And in a humiliating way. And I think they’d be the first to admit it was a little bit more than they thought.”

“It’s very easy to look at from the outside,” he concluded. “It’s very different when you get out, like most things, right? We look from the outside. We watch sports on TV and yell at the screen, “What an idiot! Why did you throw the ball there?’ But it’s very different when you’re right in the middle of it.”

The amazing race Season 34 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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