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Terry Crews bares everything in ‘Celebrity IOU’ clip

Terry Crews stripping naked in the upcoming episode of ‘Celebrity IOU’. He enlisted the help of Drew and Jonathan Scott to surprise his family’s driver with a backyard makeover.

In a sneak peek, the actor tries shirtless hammering to clear a sidewalk path.

“Have you ever hammered?” Drew asks the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star. In the clip, Crews replies, “Ah, no I haven’t. This is good, but you know what, I want to do it shirtless.

While Drew also took off his shirt, Jonathan remained fully clothed.

“May I point to something?” says Jonathan to his twin brother and Crews. “I could do this just as productively without taking my clothes off. Just point.”

But the duo defended their choice.

“But not quite as stylistically,” Crews counters. And Drew adds, “There’s sexiness on a whole other scale.”

“To watch those guys try to go shirtless. That was really great,” Crews says jokingly in a confessional. “They can’t beat me there. They can’t beat me there. I am the master of the shirtless. You know, I was like yes, this is it. This is the real thing. I feel like I’m really building up now.”

Ultimately, the 54-year-old wanted to continue working with the “Property Brothers.” He even pitched that the duo should be a trio.

“I love you,” he tells the twins. ‘Can I be the third brother? The third brother, I am the ‘Property Brotha.’”

Crews and the twins transform the backyard of Frank, Crews’ close friend and driver.

“Terry describes Frank as an older brother to him and a second father figure to his children and says he takes care of his family as if it were his own,” the episode description read. Frank first met the host of “America’s Got Talent” after retiring from “a very stressful career”.

The “White Chicks” actor also encourages Frank’s fitness journey, with HGTV adding that the driver has already lost more than 200 pounds. With the help of the Scotts, he will take Frank’s “favorite room” to the next level and help him achieve his fitness goals.

“The new outdoor oasis will feature a stylish outdoor kitchen and dining area, a zen fire pit and an immersive poolside gym with top-of-the-line outdoor exercise equipment and pergolas for shade,” according to a press release.

Crews is the latest in a star-studded lineup to appear on ‘Celebrity IOU’. The series, which premiered in 2020, sees Drew and Jonathan team up with some of the biggest names in acting, music and reality television to show their appreciation for loved ones through surprising renovations.

“One of the things we love most about ‘Celebrity IOU’ is that it proves that special people can change in your family,” Jonathan said in a press release. “It’s great to see celebrities opening up to us about their exceptional friends who have made a huge impact in their lives.”

Other stars this season include Drew Barrymore, Cindy Crawford, Idina Menzel, Cheryl Hines, Kate Hudson, Leslie Jordan and Wilmer Valderrama.

“Jonathan and I started this series with a simple idea: that no one comes to life alone,” added Drew. “We are grateful that so many well-known names have trusted us to be a part of these personal acts of kindness and to give back to the people who appreciate them most.”

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