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‘Tell Me Lies’ Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: ‘Don’t Waste Your Emotions’

After episodes that largely focused on others, the October 12 episode of Hulu followed tell me lies takes a closer look at Pippa (Sonia Mena). After a visit from her father, she opens up to the past. Meanwhile, Lucy (Grace Van Patten) does something that could change everything. Continue for summary tell me lies Season 1 Episode 8 Summary: “Don’t waste your emotions.”

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Tell Me Lies Season 1 Episode 8: “Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotion”]

It’s April 2008 in Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotion, which began streaming on October 12, according to Hulu. Pippa has lunch with her father and Wrigley (Spencer House) begins the episode.

In the car, Pippa’s father tells her – in Spanish – that he wants to get in touch. “If you ever feel down, you can always come home,” he says. Later, Wrigley asks Pippa what she and her father discussed. It wasn’t him, was it? Right, she says.

Then Pippa sits with Lucy’s roommate Charlie (Zoe Renee). they look Always after. The next day, after the school mass, complete with food truck and a cappella, Pippa is back with Charlie.

Charlie says she “don’t know what version of you I’m going to get”. Will it be the version of Pippa watching? Always after “ironically” or the one who confessed to liking it? Suddenly Pippa and Charlie are kissing. It leads to more until Charlie calls Pippa about faking an orgasm.

Then Pippa admits that she’s a lot more inexperienced than some people might think. Wrigley is the first person she had sex with and he doesn’t know.

From there, Pippa recounts her high school experience. She switched schools after girls fished her. She spent her senior year being “miserable.” Until she finally got into Baird College and became a “cool” person.

Lucy and Stephen (Jackson White) are at odds almost from the beginning of the October 12 episode. Lucy is upset Stephen hasn’t told her he didn’t get the internship he applied for last fall.

Then there’s the fact that she almost said, “I love you.” Lucy finds out from Evan (Branden Cook)

Diana (Alicia Crowder) and Stephen often said it to each other. Later, Lucy makes out with Stephen during Diana’s a cappella performance.

Stefan doesn’t like that. Lucy responds with a comment about Wrigley, Drew (Benjamin Wadsworth) and Macy (Lily McInerny). Diana would probably report them right away, she says. In seconds, Stephen apologizes.

Later, after Stephen’s mother (Norah Segal) tells him she won’t be paying housing next year because he helped his sister apply – and get accepted – to boarding school, he knocks out Lucy. Why? Because she supposedly made fangirls all over Wrigley when she congratulated him on being made football captain.

“It’s about the Drew thing?” Lucy asks, saying that covering for him and Wrigley must “kill” Stephen. It turned him into an “a**hole,” he replies. You can do anything and walk away if he can’t.

“There’s nothing we can do about it,” Stephen concludes as they hug. Or is there?

After months of knowing about Macy and Drew, Pippa opens up to Lucy. “Drew was there the night Macy had her accident,” she says after Lucy asks why she defends him so often.

Lucy isn’t sure about Drew’s story. Did he really dodge to avoid Macy’s car like he told Pippa? After all, Macy seemed like a responsible person.

“Stephen knows. He’s known all the time. He didn’t want me to tell you,” Pippa confesses, adding that he threatened her. “He does. He hoards information and then waits to use it against humans.”

“He’s a really, really bad guy,” she continues. She doesn’t want her boyfriend to get hurt. “I could hurt him so much. I’m not the person you should be worried about,” Lucy replies. Unbeknownst to Pippa, Lucy knows Stephen’s version of events.

In the final moments of the episode, Lucy leaves an anonymous note about Drew and Macy in the dean’s mailbox.

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