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‘Teen Mom’ fans worried about Chelsea Houska’s Instagram ad featuring Watson

Former “Teen Mom” ​​star Chelsea Houska faced some backlash after she posted a new ad on Instagram. She partnered with Duracell to promote their lithium
button cell battery and told her 6.6 million Instagram followers that the potential choking hazard was safe. Not everyone on social media was convinced, and some of the best comments on her post were from people who were concerned.

Houska held her infant son, 5-year-old Watson, on her lap and kissed him on the cheek. In the background, a Christmas tree sparkles with delicate ornaments and white lights. In her left hand she held up a pack of Duracell batteries.

Houska started the post by saying how much she loves the holidays. “Christmas and decorating for Christmas is literally my favorite,” she wrote. “I like the lights, the fake flame
candles, the decorations. Since I’m older I’m very aware of the batteries that are
go into these devices.”

In the second part of her post, Houska talked about how Duracell made their lithium coin cell batteries safer.

“They are small button cell batteries that are a choking hazard if your child tries them
to put them in their mouths,” she explained. “So I felt a sense of relief when I heard that @duracell had made a lithium button cell battery with a child resistant packaging and a bitter coating so that if any of the kids got hold of it and put the battery in their mouth it would would help discourage them from swallowing.

Houska ended the promotion by saying she feels safe using the item and told her followers how to learn more about lithium button cell batteries.

“I love that Duracell makes this one because it puts me a little bit more at ease (so much ease
it can be like a mother of 4!),’ she said. “Look for the bitter face on the Duracell packaging and don’t forget to take the Duracell Power Safely Check Quiz to learn more about lithium coin cell battery safety.”

All of the top comments under Houska’s Instagram post came from people who had doubts about Duracell’s safety.

Not even just a choking hazard, but a serious death threat.

Other people asked Houska for more information about the item she was selling.

“I’ve always been a huge fan, but please do some research and reconsider if you get paid to advertise these deadly items,” they said.

A third person warned that choking was not the worst thing that could happen. “It’s worse than ‘choking hazard’. These will literally burn a hole in your child from the inside out,” they claimed.

Heavy reached out to Houska’s rep for comment on the situation, but received no response.

Houska said the “bitter coating” on the batteries could discourage children from swallowing them. But she said nothing about what would happen if the battery were swallowed.

During Duracell’s safety quiz, they warned that “serious damage” could result if a battery gets stuck in a child’s throat.

“A lithium coin cell battery can become lodged in your child’s esophagus and burn through surrounding tissue in just two hours, causing serious damage,” they write. “If you suspect your child has swallowed a lithium coin cell battery, act quickly.”

According to poison control, a battery left in a child’s throat for more than two hours can lead to “surgery, months of feeding and breathing tubes, and even death.”

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