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Survivor Season 43: Will a new episode air tonight, November 23?

Thanksgiving week is here, which means many of the network’s TV shows are taking a break for the holidays — but that includes survivor on CBS? The reality competition series is in the middle of airing season 43, and only eight castaways remain in the game. The stakes are rising and fans can’t wait to see what happens next. But will survivor Season 43 debuts tonight November 23 with a new episode?

Thankfully, fans will still get their weekly fill survivor because a new episode of season 43 premieres tonight, November 23 on CBS.

The summary for survivor Season 43, Episode 10, “Get That Money, Baby” states: “The remaining eight castaways compete in a reward challenge that will earn them a night at the Sanctuary and a letter from home. Also, a shipwrecked person must build their house of cards high enough to gain immunity.”

In the preview for tonight’s episode, survivor Castaways begin to conspire to eliminate major threats. Sami Layadi appears to be coming in for Noelle Lambert while Mike Gabler hits on Jesse Lopez and Cody Assenmacher. The drama is coming folks!

Before we jump into the new episode tonight, let’s recap what happened in survivor Season 43 Episode 9.

At the Immunity Challenge, host Jeff Probst told the final 10 castaways that they would split into two groups. The red team consisted of Cassidy Clark, Ryan Medrano, Jesse, Gabler and Cody. And the blue team included Karla Cruz Godoy, James Jones, Owen Knight, Noelle and Sami. One member of each group would gain individual immunity, meaning there would be two tribal councils.

Cody and Karla won, but because Cody held out longer, he won a reward for his team. They were given peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and had the privilege of second place attendance at the tribal council. So they had to see who the first group voted out.

At the first tribal council, Noelle tricked James into not using his Knowledge is Power advantage by stealing Owen’s vote to steal a vote. This step made James feel safe. However, Noelle used her votes for James, while Sami and Karla also voted for him. As a result, James became the second juror.

At the second tribal council, the ongoing battle between Ryan and Cassidy came to a head. And Cassidy defeated him. Along with Cody, Jesse and Gabler, she voted Ryan out and made him third juror.

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As seen in the preview and promotional photos survivor Season 43 Episode 10, the castaways will compete in a rewards and immunity challenge tonight. The first challenge includes a rotating mechanism and an obstacle course. And the second features stacking and balancing.

Because Cassidy says in one of the promos: “So much is changing right now. Rewards are big,” we think the outcome of the Reward Challenge could have an impact on who goes home. And it looks like Cody and Jesse could be in trouble.

The preview teases Gabler, who hits on Cody and Jesse while talking to Karla, and she seems ok with the plan. So if they don’t win immunity or if Jesse doesn’t play any of his idols tonight, one of them could go home. However, we don’t think that will be the case. Cody and Jesse played excellent games and we could see them shifting the focus elsewhere. Also, they have protection from the idols.

If we had to predict who would be leaving tonight, we would theorize that Gabler could be in danger. If Cody and Jesse find out he cheated on him, it could be over for Gabler.

survivor Season 43, Episode 10, “Get That Money, Baby,” airs tonight, November 23 at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

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