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‘Survivor’ Season 43 spoilers indicate 1 castaway ends late in the game

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many spoilers for survivor Season 43 as for season 42. However, there are a few leaks from the show that seem believable. But we won’t know if they’re correct or not until they’re proven in the survivor Season 43 episodes. And a spoiler claims that one shipwrecked man leaves later in the season of his own volition.

[Spoiler alert: This article may contain spoilers from Survivor Season 43.]

A fan put them all together survivor Season 43 “Spoilers” in a Google doc where they track which leaks are true and false. As the season progresses, many Reddit users claim to have exclusive information from survivor. Most of them turn out to be scams, but a handful provided correct information.

The same Reddit user who posted an exact boot list from survivor Season 42 shared that it was difficult for them to get information about Season 43. And they think that could possibly be due to a season ending.

There’s no word on who this theoretical quitter is, but plenty survivor Fans believe this spoiler is true.

Subsequent to survivor At the season 43 premiere, fans debated the identity of the shipwrecked man who quits on Reddit late in the game. And there are many different theories in the fandom.

“Who do we think is the quitter?” asked one fan. “I’m thinking of Jeanine [Zheng] cause for [the] kinda bad edit this episode.” One Reddit user replied, “She was way too excited for this season. Also, her editing wasn’t terrible. She just didn’t have many confessionals.”

“For a reason I can’t describe, I think, Noelle [Lambert]???” another person commented. A Reddit user agreed with them.

However, most fans agreed that Mike Gabler is the potential quitter. Evidence piled up to support the theory after a segment in the second episode detailed how his health was deteriorating. Maybe Gabler will reach a point where he can’t continue and decide to leave survivor season 43

We must bear in mind that this spoiler may turn out to be false. Audiences won’t know for sure if there’s a quitter in there survivor Season 43 until either it happens or until the finale.

There have been numerous medical evacuations in survivor‘s 43 seasons due to the dangerous nature of the game. However, some castaways have collapsed under the pressure survivor and have asked to leave to take care of their physical and mental health.

Survivor: Pearl Islands showed the first exit when Osten Taylor asked his tribe to vote him out of the tribal council. Osten was worried about his health and host Jeff Probst, obviously frustrated, granted him his wish and Osten left the game.

Other notable receipts are Survivor: The Amazon Winner Jenna Morasca and Sue Hawk present Survivor: All StarsKathy Sleckman in Survivor: MicronesiaNaOnka Mixon and Kelly Shinn Survivor: Nicaraguaand Colton Cumbie in Survivor: Blood vs Water.

survivor Season 43 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. And in the meantime, check back at the showbiz cheat sheet for more survivor Season 43 spoilers.

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