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‘Survivor 43’ Sneak Peek: Jeff Probst Introduces a New Perk

Episode four of “Survivor 43” airs tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS and Paramount Plus. Last week, Nneka Ejere became the third person to be voted out of “Survivor” after the Vesi tribe lost their second Immunity Challenge of the season.

In tonight’s episode, viewers can expect an immunity challenge, a new perk, and an elimination from the Tribal Council.

So, what will be the new perk? Jeff Probst teased tonight’s groundbreaking twist in a sneak peek on the official “Survivor” YouTube page.

Here’s what you need to know:

In the October 11 sneak peek, Probst told the 15 remaining castaways that the tribe that wins the Reward Challenge will not only get ten fresh fish, but also an advantage.

He told the players that the winning tribe may steal one item from another tribe’s camp. The winning tribe has to think carefully about which item they want to steal. Stealing an item gives the tribe more supplies, which can help them in the game. However, the bereft tribe may be bitter about the castaways who stole from them, which could be a target on their backs, especially after the merger.

The winning tribe must carefully navigate the advantage to ensure that the robbed tribe does not hold the raid against them.

Fans of “Survivor” fled to the comment section to share their thoughts on the rewards benefit.

“Finally! mugged [the] another trunk for supplies is back,” said one fan. “I don’t think anyone will top Sandra’s raid performance on Pearl Islands, but I’m looking forward to” [seeing the] last version!”

“Well well…. Looks like Probst has come to play. Let the stealing begin,” wrote another fan.

“Omg take the hat,” a third user added, referring to the castaway Cody Assenmacher’s hat, woven with the beads of his Vesi tribesmen. Cody used the hat as a clever tool to get his tribesmen to lend him their “Survivor” beads so he could activate the Beware Advantage and regain his voice.

It’s no secret that the Vesi tribe is having a hard time. They have lost two challenges in a row and have yet to build a successful fire.

In a sneak peek from episode four, the Vesi tribe expressed their frustration with where they are in the game.

“Dude, we’re a big mess,” Jesse Lopez told fellow tribesmen Cody Assenmacher and Dwight Moore.

“Oh my god,” Dwight replied. “Have we ever gone the longest without fire as a tribe?”

In a confessional, Cody elaborated on the plight of the Vesi camp.

“We have no flint, no food, no fire and we have lost two challenges in a row,” he said.

“We’re the last one in,” he continued. “It’s cracking time. We need to get kicked in the ass and get back on track.”

We’ll have to wait and see if the Vesi tribe has more luck with challenges in tonight’s episode of ‘Survivor 43’.

Stay tuned for more “Survivor” updates.

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