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Survivor 43: Episode 4 Recap and Elimination Spoilers

On last week’s episode of “Survivor,” Vesi tribesmen Cody Assenmacher and Jesse Lopez chose strength over loyalty when they voted out Nneke Ejere.

Nneka formed close bonds with her Vesi tribesmen, especially Cody and Jesse. But her poor performance in the last two challenges put a target on her back.

Cody and Jesse admitted that they struggled with the decision to get rid of Nneka. At one point, they considered getting rid of Noelle Lambert, the 25-year-old Paralympic. But in the end they chose to keep their tribe physically strong and voted out their ally.

In tonight’s episode of ‘Survivor’, a new perk is introduced and another castaway will see their dream of winning Sole Survivor come to an end.

The drama kicks off tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS and Paramount Plus.

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode:


8:00: Here we go! Tonight’s episode with the Vesi tribe regrouping after Nneka’s elimination. The Vesi tribe goes through it haha. They have no flint, no fire, no food, nothing. Cody says they’re “the last time” and he’s not wrong. They cannot afford to lose another member. Let’s hope they can get a win in one of the challenges tonight.

The Baka tribe is still annoyed by Gabler. Elie says Gabler is a “disadvantage” to the tribe. In a confessional, Gabler says he doesn’t trust Elie “at all.”

8:05 AM: Time for a reward challenge! The winning tribe is rewarded with ten fresh fish and…an advantage. Interesting. Jeff tells the castaways that the winning tribe will have a chance to retrieve an item from one of the other tribe’s camps. Wow. That could shake up the game.

Here’s how the reward challenge works:

First, the castaways have to throw sandbags to knock down blocks. Then they have to use the same blocks to move across the sand to another platform. If they fall, they have to start over. Once they get to the other side, they have to land a sandbag on a hanging swing.

Cody kills this reward challenge. Vesi is in the lead.

Vesi wins a reward and the ability to steal one item! That’s the comeback they needed.

Jeff asks the Vesi tribe if they have fire in their camp. They say no. They decide to exchange their Fish Reward for the Fruit and Toolbox Reward.

We don’t know what item they’re going to steal yet. Stay tuned.

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