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‘Summer House’ Alum Explodes Former Co-Star

A former “Summer House” cast member spoke about one of her co-stars.

Hannah Berner, who was a cast member of the Bravo reality series for three seasons, famously bumped heads with co-star Lindsay Hubbard during her run on the show.

Hubbard and Berner’s troubles date back to 2019, when the public relations professional accused her new roommate of “talking about her” on a podcast. In a flashback clip, Berner was featured on a podcast claiming that Hubbard treated her like a “minion,” according to Bravo. Hubbard retaliated by not inviting Berner to a VIP New Year’s Eve party with the rest of the cast.

Berner addressed the diss as he spoke on “Watch What Happens Live” in February 2021, she told host Andy Cohen that her “kind of boyfriend” at the time, Luke Gulbranson, thought the light was “weird”.

“I definitely felt hurt. It sucked,” she said she was the only “Summer House” cast member not invited to the event.

In May 2022, Berner married comedian Des Bishop. DeSorbo was by her side, as was “Summer House” co-star Ciara Miller, but Hubbard, who was recently engaged to “Summer House” OG Carl Radke, was nowhere to be seen.

Although Berner hasn’t been a cast member on “Summer House” for the past two seasons, she still has feelings for Hubbard. According to Page Six, during a recording of her podcast “Giggly Squad” on September 10, 2022, Berner answered a fan asking about the status of her relationship with her ex-colleague.

“[Lindsay Hubbard] is the meanest person I’ve ever met,” she said.

Berner added that she is trying to take the main road. “I have love for everyone,” Berner added. “You don’t always have to talk to people, but you can still wish them well.”

Berner’s “Giggly Squad” podcast partner Paige DeSorbo is still a cast member on “Summer House” with Hubbard, and she just filmed the show’s seventh season with her. After Berner called Hubbard “the meanest person” she’d met, DeSorbo said of Hubbard, “She’s sweet.”

On Berner’s final season of “Summer House,” she claimed that Hubbard was cold to her when she moved into the Hamptons party house in the summer of 2020. She later accused Hubbard of being “fake” to her.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hubbard denied giving Berner a “very cold hello” when she first saw her. Instead, she described her relationship with Berner as “sister-like.” But she added that Berner’s behavior towards her was different when they were off-camera.

“I need consistency,” she said. ‘I don’t have ‘summer friends’ and ‘winter friends’. Why are you different in my life?”

“I hold people accountable for when they do things wrong,” added the “Summer House” star. “[That] doesn’t make me mean or scary. I think it’s actually meaner when people talk nonsense about you behind your back and they look you in the eye differently.”

More recently, Hubbard said the energy in the “Summer House” has changed now that Berner is gone. When asked in an interview who she would least like to see back on the show, she hinted that Berner caused a lot of trouble when she was on the cast.

“I just think there was a lot of unnecessary make-believe drama and the ensuing turmoil that we don’t really need,” the “Summer House” veteran said on the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast. “This was a much lighter season and I think that’s a big part of it.”

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