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Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Hands-On Preview: A Colorful Punishment Combo

When it comes to fighting games, street fighter is considered royalty. There is a reason for this. While series like tekken other SoulCalibur have their own highlights, dedicated audiences and great rosters, street fighter is the undeniable champion in terms of overall cultural influence and levels of hype whenever another entry is announced.

The last entry, street fighter 6is currently in development, and while it’s still a long way from its 2023 launch, Capcom has allowed random players selected from the countless fans around the world to experience a slice of the game early with the street fighter 6 closed beta. Pleasemynews was lucky enough to participate in the beta for a weekend, and what a weekend it was.

street fighter 6 is evolving into a sleek, fluid, and impeccably cool fighter that borrows fantastic cues from its older versions and builds on them with revitalized systems, improved controls, and a sleek new style that looks absolutely stunning in motion.

The closed beta only offered a glimpse of what we can expect from the full package when it debuts, but there’s clearly enough here to confirm that street fighter 6 will delight combat fans of all persuasions.

the street fighter 6 The closed beta was only available for one weekend and included eight playable fighters to choose from: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Luke, Jamie, Juri, and Kimberly. There were no player versus AI matches, story, arcade, or practice modes available to test, but the character creator and online Battle Hub were available for extensive testing.

The character creator was a one-time effort, because after creating a detailed avatar, that was it, and there was no longer any chance of altering skin, hair, eyes, or other body attributes. However, there was an overabundance of outfits and accessories available for purchase in exchange for Battle Tickets earned by completing objectives and winning matches.

The Battle Hub was full of truly interactive spaces, plenty of arcade cabinets to gather and play matches and custom characters of all kinds. Cabinets in the hub were available for contenders to compete against and play regular matches, practice while waiting for an opponent, or try out retro matches from older games. There were plenty of machines available to play in Extreme mode, which offered multiplayer challenges with unique objectives, as well as an entire section to enjoy the classic arcade title. magic sword.

There were also plenty of fun opportunities outside of the 1v1 matches. There was a special photo area decorated with street fighter regalia, a shop with lots of customization items for players to equip their avatar with and extra space to test out the often ridiculous combat moves in the common space. It was like a celebration of street fighter as a series, and everything in the Battle Hub, from photo mode to watching other players’ matches, was a blast.

The extras were all well and good, and long appreciated street fighter fan. But where the game really shined, of course, in actual matches. The PC version was smooth with no issues except for a period where I encountered connectivity errors and couldn’t connect. After a brief appearance period, the rest of the beta went smoothly.

Of the characters available, Kimberly stood out instantly. Despite being a regular Chun-Li or Juri main, I found Kimberly to be explosive and exciting, exactly what I look for in a fighter. And with street fighter 6 Accessible mechanics make it easy to get familiar with and quickly master any character you want, even if you’ve never played a fighting game before. Splashes of color engulf matches with the Drive Impact attack, which helps land punches to break up combos and allows for dazzling, mind-blowing matches if two players unite their attacks.

It’s not just about going on the offensive, of course. street fighter 6 feels more responsive and consistent than ever thanks to its reworked throws, parries, and blocks. Even though I was up against some really talented players, I never felt completely outclassed or hopeless, even as a fan who only plays casually. street fighter 5 and strictly out of tournaments. The fights are so smooth, frenetic and fast-paced that it’s hard not to get an adrenaline rush at the end of each one.

There was no real indication that this was a game that was still very much in progress. With customizable controls, it even offers accessibility options. There were options to choose between classic or modern controls, both of which aim to feel comfortable with different players. Classic controls seemed closer to the rest of the street fighter series, while modern controls have been refined and designed for new players and casual street fighter fans to do some serious combo damage.

street fighter 6 is shaping up to be one of the best modern entries the series has ever seen. From top to bottom, it feels polished, exciting, and full of opportunity. When the game debuts, it will launch with 18 fighters along with additional modes to compete in, so if multiplayer isn’t your thing, you’ll be able to play against AI opponents. There will, of course, be a host of additional options for you to outfit your avatar with, and even more arcade games to play in the Battle Hub.

One thing is certain, however. Fans will be thrilled with what’s on offer when the sixth core street fighter entry drops next year. Whether you’re a die-hard Ryu fan or can’t wait to get your hands on Dhalsim, there’s a game mode, fighter, and more waiting for you. street fighter 6 will take all comers.

street fighter 6 is slated for release in 2023 on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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