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Steve Jacobs’ ex-wife Rosie on her ‘healing’ 30-day trek across Spain

The ex-wife of former Today Show weatherman Steve Jacobs has spoken about how she found inner peace at the end of a 30-day trek across Spain.

Rosie Jacobs, 42, whose alcohol battle and relationship struggles are well documented, recently completed the Camino de Santiago, a 50km pilgrimage through northern Spain that she found life-changing.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Mail Australia this week, the former TV producer revealed how she put her demons to rest during the adventure and allowed her to re-enter the world as an empowered single woman.

‘[The Camino] was physically huge and really challenging and rewarding,” said the travel writer.

“But it was also quite challenging mentally in terms of the inner voice you use to get yourself through something like this and the processing you go through.

“And I also think it’s been quite a spiritual journey and a really soulful adventure.”

Rosie, who walked the Camino alone without the safety of a tour group, said there were two reasons she decided to take on the momentous challenge.

The first was to pay tribute to a friend who recently passed away, while the second was to celebrate her achievements after a difficult few years.

Rosie went through a messy divorce from Steve in 2017 and previously struggled with alcoholism.

Between 2018 and 2019, she also had a bitter breakup with former AFL player Matt Shir.

‘[I saw the trek] as a celebration of the fact that I’ve been through quite a bit of emotional stuff in the last five years or so, and I feel like I’ve done a lot of personal exploration, change and healing,” she said.

“And I’ve reached a point now where I feel like I’m coming out the other side. And I’m really at peace with who I am and where I am, and it feels good.

Rosie added of her personal struggles, “I’ve been diagnosed with complex PTSD for the past five years, so there’s been a lot of work for me to understand and find ways to cope.”

‘[I have been] making sure I get enough sleep and making sure I eat physically. Quitting alcohol was one of the things that was really big for me on that level. That really helped me cope with anxiety,” she explained.

At the end of the Camino, Rosie said she was a changed woman.

Rosie also lifted the lid on her dating life and confirmed she’s happily single after quietly splitting from her newest flame, Alex Daly.

“It’s been quite a while since Alex and I broke up and during this time I’m really enjoying being independent and single for the first time in my adult life,” she said.

“And actually, I’ve got just enough on my mind that’s really on my mind. Being a single mom with two young girls and having my own business as a travel journalist. I have never felt so fulfilled and satisfied.”

Rosie didn’t rule out the possibility of finding love in the future, revealing that she still hopes to one day find someone “magical enough” to sweep her off her feet.

As for her relationship with ex-husband Steve, things have never been smoother.

The former couple share custody of their two daughters, Isabella and Francesca, with Steve having the girls for a month while Rosie walked the Camino.

Describing Steve as a “great dad,” Rosie added, “We’ve always put the girls first.

“Steven and I split our time with the girls 50/50. We take it as it comes and we just juggle the dates between us.

“But our girls were born into a world where Steven has been going to work almost every day of the year since the day they arrived… so that’s all they’ve ever known of him.”

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