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Start “The farmer seeks a wife”: a farmer is already “more than flashing”

At the beginning of the “Bauer sucht Frau” season, sparks were already flying among some farmers. While a farmer sends both women home.

The first decisions were made in the first two episodes of the eighteenth season of “Bauer sucht Frau”.

Inka Bause bags the last couple in the second part of the barn festival. She with Michael K. she is the “correspondent” to Jan Hendrik. The first bisexual farmer in show business history is “more than shown” by the financial manager. He is already talking about finding a “cover for you really”. Competitor Aron, the project manager with the big pierced ears, looks down.

Other farmers are also busy. Ulf chooses Anna Lina. Max chooses Anna because he missed the smile on Linda’s face. For Erik, however, it is “over” when his chosen Julia smiles. He can’t “stand any more” because of all the wobbly knees.

Theo also makes a decision. But neither for Yvonne nor for Helena. He didn’t immediately shoot with the breeder, so from experience it doesn’t make sense to him. Yvonne feels “cheated” by Theo, Helena is “100 percent disappointed”.

Still others are postponing their decision to the big party, wanting to see how women fare on the dance floor. Ella Endlich appears, the participants who have a solid text sing together. Either Discofox is put down, Michael K. impresses with a balancing act.

Martin decides for Carola after the dance rehearsal. After all, Michael N. has reduced his candidates from three to two. Christine and Mandy can go to his farm.

And then there is Jörg. The owner of a nurse cow tells Patricia about her on the dance floor that she is her chosen one. She hugs him, he talks about weak knees.

At the beginning of Hofwoche, the men of “BsF” love to outdo each other with the originality of the vehicles they use to tow their wives. This season, Erik wins the contest. He carries Julia home in a wheelbarrow.

Jörg also scores. As a member of the volunteer fire brigade, he arrives in an emergency vehicle. In general, Jörg: With the relatively shy farmer, everything happens very quickly. He and his Patricia get closer before the other candidates. He “doesn’t know what to do with her feelings”, she not only wishes for a nice week on the farm, but “a whole life”. Words like “lightning” or “uncanny” are used. Patricia surely “won her heart”.

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