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Stars Hollow’s Unsolved Mysteries: Three More Gilmore Girls Mysteries That Baffle Fans

Gilmore Girls is one of the most popular Rewatch TV series available to stream right now. Fans of the series find that the complex storylines keep them coming back year after year. However, complex stories spanning seven seasons have resulted in several dropped storylines and significant plot holes. We collected three Gilmore Girls Mysteries that still haunt us. Unfortunately, we will probably never get a conclusive explanation for this.

When Floyd Stiles invited Richard Gilmore back to his insurance broker to avoid a lawsuit, Richard claimed he had to go back or risk losing his pension and, before long, his home and lifestyle. That’s the reason he gave Lorelai to at least justify trying to ruin Jason Stiles’ livelihood. Whether this is true, however, is difficult to say.

Richard Gilmore was not a self-made man. The Gilmore family was what you would call “old money,” and his mother, Trix Gilmore, was wealthier by leaps and bounds than Richard and Emily Gilmore, it seemed. Trix died a few episodes before Richard claimed he would lose everything if Floyd went through with his lawsuit.

That leaves us with one of the biggest Gilmore Girls secrets of all time. What happened to all that Trix Gilmore money? Did she leave it all to charity, or did Richard imply that he would be penniless if Floyd sued him to justify his petty rage at Jason for secretly dating Lorelai? Gilmore Girls Fans may never know.

Michel Gerard hated absolutely everything about Stars Hollow. He hated the other residents and the pace of life. He really couldn’t stand Taylor Doosey. Luke was similarly grumpy and hated the same people, but there was a simple explanation for Luke being in Stars Hollow. He was born in the city.

It wasn’t Michel. At some point he emigrated from France and took a job at the inn. For seven seasons Gilmore Girls enjoyed Michel’s witty comebacks, but his life before the Independence Inn remains one of the most significant Gilmore Girls secrets. A Gilmore Girls Spinoff explaining Michel’s early life is something we’d definitely want to check out. How did he and Lorelai Gilmore actually choose Stars Hollow?

Liz Danes says she was incredibly irresponsible. She married the good-natured but always somber TJ. The pair made perfect sense together, but they certainly didn’t seem fiscally responsible. Her only real source of income was a Renaissance Faire jewelry store, which was only a part-time job.

Despite Liz’s admission of their inability to make good decisions, TJ’s lack of employment, and their part-time business, they managed to buy a home in or around Stars Hollow. Granted, the house was a fixer-upper, but it still seems unlikely the duo would have had down payment monies. Even if they scraped together the money for a down payment, it seems unlikely that a bank would approve them for a mortgage.

The only reasonable explanation is that Luke Danes, known for swooping in and saving the day, gave them the money. Despite this, it is never mentioned. Liz and TJ’s lifestyle is one of the most confusing Gilmore Girls Secrets we can think of.

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