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Spotify’s 10 most popular Christmas songs to get you in the holiday mood

It’s never too early to start listening to Christmas music. At least, that’s according to Spotify.

In 2018, the streaming service revealed that most countries start releasing holiday music by the end of November. However, a handful of countries, such as Estonia and Iceland, start streaming their favorite Christmas songs around the end of October, and the Philippines starts streaming their favorite Christmas songs as early as September.

But what is everyone listening to? The team at gaming website Slingo wanted to find out, so they used a playlist miner to determine Spotify’s most popular Christmas songs “of all time”.

Instead of looking at streaming numbers, Slingo measured popularity by how often certain Christmas songs appeared in Spotify playlists. Based on this data, Slingo determined that the 10 most popular Christmas songs on Spotify were:

Other Christmas songs that made the top 20 include Bobby Helms’ “Jingle Bell Rock,” The Ronettes’ “Sleigh Ride,” and Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas.”

How popular is Christmas music, really?

Turns out people love Christmas music. According to Billboard, holiday music generates more than $170 million each year, “and the streaming numbers are so huge that labels now have crews year-round to keep the plays flowing.”

Pleasemynews previously reported that Mariah Carey earned over $60 million in royalties for “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” And in terms of Spotify streaming royalties, CNN Business said that in 2019, “Last Christmas” by Wham! Starting to look a lot like Christmas” had grossed around $1 million.

It should be mentioned that dogs also enjoy Christmas music. A 2021 survey by the charity Guide Dogs found that Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” and “Silent Night,” among others, are popular with dogs.

“Music is often used to calm dogs during times of change and stress, so it’s no surprise that it plays a key role for dogs this Christmas,” said Dr. Helen Whiteside, assistant manager of guide dog breeding, puppy breeding and science, said at the time.

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