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Southern Charm Star Reveals Why Girlfriend Went On Vacation Without Him

Bravo stars Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo are in a serious relationship, but they don’t do everything together yet.

The ‘Winter House’ co-stars have only been dating exclusively since September 2021, and fans have seen their romance heat up on the reality shows ‘Summer House’ and ‘Southern Charm’.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Conover, 33, described his romance with DeSorbo as “an adult relationship.”

“We talk about getting married and having kids and the things we agree on — and don’t disagree on — and we really hope to get married,” he said. “She feels ‘the one’, and I think she feels the same.”

But as they move in the direction of moving and getting married, the two aren’t together 24/7. Not only do they live in separate states—Conover lives in South Carolina and DeSorbo in New York City—but they don’t even vacation together.

In June 2022, DeSorbo, 29, posted photos during a trip to Italy. The Bravo star shared photos of the Amalfi Coast, including several solo shots and one of a beautiful sunset to show her view, and in a caption told fans: “I’ll be posting photos of Italy until I book my flight to going back, thank you for your understanding.”

Conover was not seen in his girlfriend’s photos, and he explained why in an interview with The Daily Dish. Conover told the outlet that DeSorbo was going on vacation with her immediate family and they didn’t want to include him for one big reason.

“They wanted to do one last family trip without me,” he told the outlet. “And her parents said, ‘Well, I think Craig is sticking around, so let’s take another trip.'”

While he was left out of the family vacation, Conover knows — and loves — DeSorbo’s family. According to Screenrant, the two met each other’s families. On the most recent season of “Summer House,” which was filmed in 2021, Conover was even seen asking DeSorbo if she wanted to travel to Delaware to meet his family — and this was before they were “exclusive.” DeSorbo ended up spending the last Thanksgiving at Conover’s Delaware house while going to New York to meet her parents.

In a Q&A on his Instagram story in December 2021, Conover talked about meeting DeSorbo’s parents. “It was amazing. I love her parents,” he told fans, per Reality Blurb. “They kind of look like mine and I think I’ve been invited back. So I can’t wait to get back to Albany. ”

If the couple’s romance continues on the high-speed road, this could be the last DeSorbo family vacation that doesn’t include Conover — and future outings could include even more than just him. In March 2022, the “Southern Charm” star told Page Six that he and his girlfriend “talked about getting married and spending our lives together,” and made it clear that kids are in the plan. “We’re talking about kids and a family,” he revealed.

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