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SOURCE: Diana Jenkins’ husbands social media activity ‘done the wrong way’

Eagle-eyed fans saw some curious behavior on social media from a RHOBH husband, but it may not be what it seems, a source told pleasemynews.

A fan took screenshots of what appears to be Diana Jenkins’ husband, Asher Monroe, who likes negative tweets about Jenkins.

Here’s what you need to know:

According to a source who spoke to pleasemynews, Monroe does not control his own social media, although he does tweet there occasionally.

“If you check out Asher’s Twitter page, it’s all about love, light and positivity,” the source told pleasemynews. “And of course he doesn’t manage his own social media account, although he does send tweets and stuff.”

The source reiterated that the likes should not be read in more than just a message of positivity and love from Monroe to his followers.

“Whoever responds and likes and responds, he responds with love,” the source continued. “It was just done the wrong way because if you like it, you know, it just comes across like you like what’s being said. It was just a miss.”

He just wants to “respond with love, even if there are negative comments,” the source told us. “It came across the wrong way.”

In addition, the source says that nothing alarming happens in the couple’s marriage.

“Diana is his soul mate,” the source said. “I mean, he’s always talking about how much in love they are and that they respect and admire each other.”

While appearing on the RHOBH, Jenkins said in a confessional that the women should “put their money where their mouth is” if they had issues with Erika Jayne not giving up her $750,000 diamond earrings to help victims of the Lion Air crash. pay crash.

It seems that Jenkins did just that.

On September 7, 2022, Jenkins shared that she would donate $100,000 to the victims of the crash and urged her followers to do the same.

“I was not aware of this tragedy until it became a topic of conversation on RHOBH,” she wrote on Instagram. “I feel so much sympathy for the widows and orphans who are left behind. I know first hand the pain and suffering associated with the loss of a family member, as I lost my brother in the last days of the Bosnian War. I want to do what I can to support those people who have suffered so much. For more information, visit sunelafoundation dot org. #SunelaFoundation #GVNG #RHOBH”

Her goodwill was short-lived when the victims’ lawyer rejected her donation.

“While Ms. Jenkins may be well-intentioned, we don’t believe that issuing a press release and asking for donations from the public without doing the necessary legwork is the right way forward,” Jay Edelson told Page Six. “That said, we hope this isn’t a publicity stunt and will reserve our judgment until we hear from her directly.”

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