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"Soon big brother" – The Monegasques expect offspring

The Monegasque princely family will soon welcome a new member: Louis Ducruet and his wife Marie are expecting their first child.

As with a stately home, there is much more to the Monegasque than Albert II of Monaco and his family around Princess Charlène and children Jacques and Gabriella. Usually they attract everyone’s attention, but this time they have to take a back seat, because there are children within the royal family.

Louis Ducruet, son of Princess Stéphanie, and his wife Marie Chevallier are responsible for the increase. They are expecting a child together. They have the news

Instagram announced with a pretty funny photo. The couple can be seen with their dog, who is wearing a bandana that reads “Big Brother Soon.”

They themselves comment on the post with the words: “Begin an adventure.” Ducruet’s mother, Princess Stéphanie, will also become a grandmother for the first time. Fans are thrilled with the news. Among other things, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi also congratulates under the post, the illegitimate daughter of Prince Albert II and his former relationship Tamara Rotolo. Grimaldi now writes in the comments: “Congratulations to the beautiful family” and she puts a heart into it, among other things.

Louis Ducruet and his Marie met and fell in love at university. Since January 2012 they are said to be lovers. In June 2016, Marie was reportedly officially introduced to the royal family. The two have been married since 2019.

Louis Ducruet is the son of Princess Stéphanie and her former bodyguard Daniel Ducruet. The two divorced in 1996 after just a year of marriage. Prior to their marriage in July 1995, their daughter Pauline was born in May 1994. In 1998, Stéphanie’s second daughter Camille Marie Kelly was born. Her father is the former bodyguard of the princess, Jean-Raymond Gottlieb.

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