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‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Kody Brown Irritated By ‘Independent Woman’ Christine As She Packs Her Bags Into A Trailer

In a preview of the November 27 episode of sister wives, Kody Brown and Christine Brown argue over how to load their last belongings into a trailer. In the clip, Kody is irritated that Christine is taking control and being an “independent woman.”

In a clip for the upcoming episode of sister wives, Christine asks Kody to come over and help pack her trailer in preparation for her move to Utah. “So, do you move all that stuff?” Kody asks her, noticing all the boxes stacked in the garage.

She ranked all the items by weight so they could load them up quickly. “When you’re towing a trailer, you want the weight up front. If your weight is behind, it lifts up so that the trailer rocks on the road,” he explains to the cameras. Check out the following clip:

To avoid this, he suggests putting the snowblower in the back of the trailer. He believes that it is less dense than the boxes and that it would make more sense to put them in front.

Christine wants Kody to load the snowblower and get out, but he insists on helping. In the confessional, Christine reveals her frustration with the situation.

“Oh my god, all I really need his help with is the snow blower. That’s it. I want it up front because then I’m done and he can go.” She doesn’t think he needs to be there and “micromanage” her.

Kody starts arguing about the things she should pack in the trailer and tells her the proper way to do it. Then Christine accelerates. “Yes, I know you wouldn’t do that. Kody, I know, thanks. I’ll take care of it. I need them with me now,” she says.

In the tense moment, Kody agrees and immediately loads the snowblower into the trailer without another word. In the confessional, Kody is frustrated with Christine for not listening to him.

“Yeah, she doesn’t want to listen to really good advice, so I’ll just stuff everything in [the trailer]. Let’s just get this done,” says Kody. “She proves she’s the independent woman now by telling me the best way to wrap this up. It bothered me to the core,” he concludes.

However, Christine thinks that her independent spirit is one of the best things about her and she has become that way because of plural marriage.

“I think being independent as multiple wives is super important. I mean the guy isn’t there, the husband isn’t there. He has so many different places,” says Christine in the confessional.

“And honestly, that’s one of my favorite qualities about myself — being able to do things on my own. I think it’s so empowering to be able to get things done,” concludes the mother-of-six.

Kody has often used the phrase “independent woman” to insult Christine. But it’s clear that she’s taking it as a compliment and is no longer swayed by what her ex-husband thinks of her.

New episodes of sister wives Season 17 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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