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‘Sister Wives’: Gwendlyn says Robyn wanted her to save her coming out as bisexual for the ‘cameras’

sister wives Star Gwendlyn Brown reveals shocking information about her father, Kody Brown’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn claims that when Robyn came out as bisexual, she expressed disappointment that the 18-year-old didn’t “keep it for the cameras”.

Gwendlyn recently opened a Patreon account where she answers fans’ burning questions about the show and her family. The now 21-year-old guided fans through how her coming out with family happened on her 18th birthday.

Gwendlyn revealed that months before she came out, family members in her household suspected she was more than just a strong LGBTQ ally.

“Unfortunately, when I came out, it felt a bit forced because my family had spoken to me in a very urgent way, like ‘we know,’ a few months prior to my self-awareness,” Gwendlyn said.

“But my mom got me a rainbow flag for my 18th birthday because I was a very vocal ally. I wasn’t just an ally. And I thought right then and there. I should let everyone know I’m gay,” he said sister wives star revealed.

On sister wives Season 17, Gwendlyn’s mom Christine revealed she knew her daughter was bisexual for a while before officially coming out. Of course, Christine is a strong LGBTQ ally and supporter of her daughter, even cracking jokes about her top three female celebrity crushes.

While Christine welcomed the news from her daughter with open arms, Gwendlyn claims Robyn didn’t have quite the same reaction. “Once I had [come out]Robyn told me I should have saved it for the cameras,” Gwendlyn said in the video.

Gwendlyn was amazed at her stepmother’s reaction to her coming out. “[It] came across as very disrespectful and I still don’t understand why she said that to me,” she said.

Many sister wives Fans are shocked Robyn would say that, considering she was so supportive of Meri Brown’s child Leon Brown (formerly known as Mariah Brown before they came out as transgender) when they revealed they were gay. now sister wives Fans think maybe that was just an act for the cameras.

Kody admitted they hold to “traditional” values ​​because of their religious beliefs. Although he wasn’t initially on board when his child came out, he realized it was an act of bravery. “It takes courage to step out and say you feel that.” And because of that, Kody accepted Leon’s coming out.

While Meri initially struggled with her child’s sexual preferences, Robyn seemed to embrace Leon immediately. Leon even said that Robyn helped them “most” to accept themselves.

At the time, Robyn was praised by sister wives fans for being the LGBTQ ally the family needed. However now sister wives Fans think it could have been an act to get the audience to like them more. If she were a true LGBTQ ally, she wouldn’t ask Gwendlyn to spare her coming for the cameras.

New episodes of sister wives Season 17 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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