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Single couple reacts to backlash over their ‘paradise’ appearance

Fans of “Bachelor in Paradise” are excited about an unexpected couple who showed up for Season 8 – and stayed and stayed and stayed. It’s not uncommon for successful Bachelor Nation couples to make an appearance on the beach in Mexico during the filming of the summer spinoff, but when Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon showed up this season, they practically became permanent cast members.

The future lovebirds first met in 2015 while filming the second season of “Bachelor in Paradise,” but they didn’t leave as a couple. Ashley shed many tears for Jared, but he didn’t wake up until a few years later. The couple later got engaged on “Bachelor in Paradise” and they married in 2019, according to People. In January 2022, they welcomed their first child, a boy they named Dawson.

In the summer of 2022, the weary new parents took up “Paradise” producers on an offer to get away and perhaps use the famous “Boom Boom” hookup room at the resort where the cast resides.

While they were hoping to rekindle their sex life, Ashley got gas from bad Mexican food — and yes, there was an elaborate scene showing the consequences. Another night, Jared fell asleep before his wife could join him in their room. Producers eventually gave the two a coveted date card, which was a blow to the other cast members hoping to have alone time with potential partners. In the end, the married couple got a lot of screen time — and fans didn’t get it.

Prior to the couple’s cameo, bartender Wells Adams opened up “Bachelor in Paradise” about their appearance. “I think everybody’s a little confused about what the hell they’re doing there, which I find hilarious,” Wells told Entertainment Tonight, of Ashley and Jared, before adding that he didn’t like the look of the pair. found it “funny”.

But on social media, some viewers said they didn’t understand the purpose of Ashley and Jared’s scenes. On Instagram, a fan wrote that the scenes of the married couple took “a lot of attention” away from the new couples. Other viewers revealed that they fast-forwarded through all the scenes with Ashley and Jared.

“All the stuff with them was so cringe!” a commentator wrote. “I don’t understand the point. Like cool, it’s a boring married couple who went on vacation to have sex, we get it.”

“It was the least entertaining thing Bach has done in ages. I don’t hate them either. … I just don’t care to see a happy married couple in paradise,” another viewer agreed.

“I was almost blind with rage when one episode ended with a long date of theirs and they said mushy things,” a third viewer chimed in. “Sorry, but ‘supposedly happy couple talking about their stable relationship’ is the most boring premise of all time.”

“I’m fine with a couple coming back for 5 minutes to go on a date. All that is past is just. No,” wrote another.

Even Ashley and Jared were a little confused by their extended cameos. During an appearance on the “Almost Famous” podcast, Jared revealed that when they got the invite to crash “Paradise,” he thought they would be just like previous couples who made brief cameos on the show, and he assumed that they wouldn’t get much screen time. Jared said he thought the trip would be a fun outing and that their short time on the show would mean more of a “bachelor” success story.

“He didn’t think we were going to get a lot of screen time, and I did,” Ashley admitted. “Because I felt they were using certain storylines… they wanted the whole ‘Are they going to use the Boom Boom room?'”

While the couple found some of their scenes funny, Ashley added, “A lot of you thought we were boring as hell.” “People thought we were stuffing material,” she added.

According to Bachelor Data, Ashley and Jared got more than 16 minutes of screen time in the October 10, 2022 episode “Bachelor in Paradise,” which is more than all new couples. But Ashley responded to reveal that her and Jared’s time on the show is ending well before the season. “Don’t worry guys, we’re leaving on Monday’s episode,” she wrote on Instagram.

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