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Simone Holtznagel defends her “triggering” body transformation

Simone Holtznagel has defended that she posted her stunning body transformation on Instagram on Monday night.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday, Simone, 29, said the photos were “hardly graphic” and insisted she had not changed anything about her “balanced” diet.

“People have commented that ‘triggers’ and ‘before and after’ (pics) don’t belong in 2022…” Simone told the publication. “I figured what we’re not doing in 2022 is commenting on other people’s bodies.”

“I thought I looked great on the left, I think I look great on the right,” Simone continued.

“One thing I take away from this post is that you can’t please everyone. I’ve been taller and I’ve been shorter, but I’ve been happy in both phases of my life.”

Simone added that she still eats pasta four nights a week and never refuses a glass of wine or a cocktail when she feels like it.

On Monday, Jono Castano praised his girlfriend’s body transformation following personal training sessions with UFC coach Tony Saad.

“No one ever sees the hard work you put in at the gym @simoneholtznagel. They’re always quick to judge you, but no result comes from an easy journey,” the 31-year-old personal trainer wrote in the caption.

“You still eat your burgers from time to time and focus on highlighting that we can still enjoy a martini or two or five.

“So proud of you babe xx! @coachtonysaad you did an extremely great job with her and the results speak for themselves.”

Simone has previously said she’s not willing to work as hard as an “athlete” like some models do.

“I know a few girls who have made it and they train every day like all day and I really like a glass of wine and spaghetti,” she told

“I would have to plan a good five months of my life and lock myself in a gym if I wanted to do that.”

Simone and Jono went public with their relationship in May when they were spotted eating out in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The couple confirmed their romance when they caught a glimpse of Mimi’s lips in Coogee.

Aside from a handful of social media posts, Simone and Jono have been surprisingly tight-lipped about their romance.

Their relationship comes after Jono’s split from wife Amy.

The couple remain on good terms and are still co-owners of the Acero gym in Sydney.

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