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Sid Caesar’s “Special Dessert” might make you a little queasy

In the book Live from New York: An uncensored story of Saturday Night Live, narrated by its stars, writers and guests, writers Tom Shales and Andrew Miller spoke to several members of the cast and crew over the years. While the entire book itself is fascinating, some of its more engaging sections involve the cast and crew talking about the celebrities they dealt with at work. One segment concerns Andrew Kurtzman, a writer for Saturday night live in the early years, speaking of a night out with actor Sid Caesar.

Caesar was the host Saturday night live on February 5, 1983, but he had a lot of experience under his belt before his time as host. In 1950, Caesar starred Your show of shows, a 90-minute variety show that airs weekly in the United States. When the series ended in 1954, Caesar continued acting Caesar’s hour, another comedy sketch show. This gave Caesar more than enough experience to host Saturday night livebut by the time creator Lorne Michaels invited him to host, Caesar was a bona fide movie star.

By the time 1983 rolled around, Caesar had added hit films like Fat, and It’s a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy world to his resume. Performers like Dan Aykroyd looked up to Caesar for his time Your show of shows and Caesar’s hour.

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in the Live from New York, SNL Writer Kurtzman tells his knowledge about Your show of shows prompted Caesar to “hang on to him” for the week he hosted. He then recounts a night Caesar took him out to dinner and ordered “the strangest thing he had ever seen.”

“He [Caesar] took me to dinner at some hotel, not the Algonquin, but one of those faded places where they knew him when he was the television god of the 1950s,” explains Kurtzman. “And he ate the strangest food I’ve ever seen. Sid claimed to eat one meal a day. He starts with a veal chop the size of a baby’s head. The thing is dripping with cheese and he eats his and then half of mine because I couldn’t get close to him. He eats both of our portions of spaghetti.”

While the food might seem like a lot, Kurtzman says that wasn’t the weird part. The craze came in the form of Caesar’s “special dessert.”

Kurtzman goes on to describe Caesar’s order: “As we gasp after all that eating, he says, ‘Wait — they’re making me a special dessert. you won’t like it it’s only for me It’s that health thing.’ You bring a salad bowl, a big box of Shredded Wheat – those where the cookies are the size of Brillo pods – and it’s a full box, not your little individual service packs. Then comes a 32-ounce container of yogurt, a giant bowl of berries, and an equally large bowl of raisins and nuts. I would say there was probably four pounds of food there.”

As if the amount of food for one dessert wasn’t shocking enough, Kurtzman’s description of what Caesar did next might turn your stomach.

“And he mixes that up in this big salad bowl and then just puts it on top of this Italian pasta we just ate. That was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen,” concludes Kurtzman.

While the conversation centered on a sketch that never made it airborne, Kurtzman couldn’t get over Caesar’s “special dessert.”

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