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Shep was under fire from fans for “cringing” insults

Shep Rose was ridiculed by Bravo fans this week after he posted a very risqué tweet comparing himself to Pete Davidson and Harry Styles.

The original “Southern Charm” cast member, 42, took to Twitter on Nov. 19 to share a “Chicks in the Office” meme about Styles, 28, and Davidson, 29. “I guess I’m an old bastard ,” He wrote. “But I feel like when I walk into a room and these two guys look like this. I’m not worried about trying to get the girl. I mean zero.”

Rose acknowledged that both men’s “resumes” when it comes to their celebrity exes were “impressive,” but then added a shrug emoji and concluded, “Strip the celebrity for the second time.” And consider it.” The Bravo star dug in further after a fan accused him of being “out-of-touch” and sounding like Thomas Ravenel and he replied, “Of course I am not a woman. But if I were. I’d like to think I’d be attracted to a man who weighs over 140 pounds.

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Rose’s tweet received hundreds of comments as people roasted the Bravo star for his inclusion. He was also ridiculed on Reddit, where one person wrote, “I would turn down shep even if there were no other options.” Someone else said that Rose must find it hard being over 40 and still “trying to compete” with younger men.

Several others disagreed with Rose’s comment about removing Styles and Davidson’s celebrity status from the equation. “Your parents give you an allowance from family money. Why are you talking?” one person asked. Another person said, “The post is cringe from the start, but I mean, does Shep really think his celebrity didn’t make him fuck?” Someone else wrote, “Yeah, let’s get you take away celebrity and boom, just a drunk old man trying to pick up young girls….”

Rose is now single after he and his girlfriend of two years, “Southern Charm” star Taylor Ann Green, broke up in July 2022. At the time, Rose’s issues with commitment were cited as the reason for their breakup and it became apparent on the Season 8 reunion a few months later.

During that onstage encounter, Green accused Rose of “using” her and sleeping with over 300 women. Despite lashing out at Rose, she informed Andy Cohen that she still loved her co-star and Rose said he loved her back.

Soon after, at BravoCon 2022, Rose confessed that their breakup was “really hard” for both parties, but they handled it differently. He said he hoped the two could go to a “nice place” but it had been a tough journey for them.

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