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‘Sex and the City’: Was Carrie’s Season 6 rejection of Mr. Big Cathartic or too dramatic?

Sex and the City Fans remain divided over Mr. Big despite the character being killed off in Episode 1 of And just like that…, the HBO Max reboot. Some fans believe he was the perfect complement to Carrie Bradshaw; others argue that Mr. Big was so horrible to Carrie throughout the series that the pair should never have gotten back together in the original series’ final moments. It wasn’t always certain that they would get together. During the original series finale, Carrie delivered an impassioned speech that proved how much Mr. Big’s behavior had negatively impacted her. Even with this speech, the fans are divided. Some believe it was a cathartic moment, while others think the famous sex columnist overreacted. So was it an empowering moment, or was Carrie being unnecessarily cruel to her on-again, off-again boyfriend?

Carrie and Mr. Big’s true romantic relationship appeared to end in Season 3 after Carrie and Mr. Big began an affair that ruined his marriage and their long-term relationship. The former Flames would mercilessly flirt with each other, have phone sex, and even hook up once or twice afterward.

Despite being with several other men, Carrie seemed hopeful that Mr. Big would magically return, ready to commit. That was until the last season of Sex and the City. After Carrie met Aleksandr Petrovsky, she stopped taking Mr. Big’s calls, prompting him to fly in just in time to learn that she was moving to Paris.

After one more attempt to win her back, Carrie snapped. She stood in front of her famous brownstone and gave an impassioned speech. She told Mr Big: “It’s been six years that we’ve never been different. But that’s it; I’m done. Don’t ever call me again. Forget you know my number. Actually, forget you know my name. And you can drive down this street as much as you want because I don’t live here anymore.”

Carrie’s season 6 freakout wasn’t the first she’s had. Carrie lost her cool with Mr. Big on more than one occasion. She lost her temper when he told her he was moving to Paris and didn’t want her to follow him. She yelled at him in the middle of a crowded restaurant when he revealed he was marrying Natasha, and she got angry during her dirty affair with him.

Carrie’s moment in season 6 felt different than the rest. By finally telling Mr. Big how he had made her feel for so many years, she gave up the ghost of their relationship. It was a cathartic moment, some fans argue, and one that would have capped their relationship perfectly. Mr. Big, following her to Paris despite Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha’s blessings, only ruined what could have been the moment Carrie truly reclaimed her power.

There is a faction of Sex and the City Fans largely believe Carrie’s anger at Mr. Big was often unfounded. They argue that Mr. Big never actually lied to Carrie. He had made it abundantly clear in word and deed that he was not a man of great commitment. After his second marriage imploded, it was apparent that he wasn’t particularly good at communication or commitment. Carrie was the one who often yelled at him and pushed his limits. In many ways He respected her far more than she respected Him.

Assuming that’s true, Carrie’s insistence that Mr. Big pushed her around and chain-tied her was dead wrong. If that statement was inaccurate, it could be said that Carrie was being unnecessarily cruel as she yelled at Mr. Big and dismissed him just before moving to Paris.

Carrie and Mr. Big’s relationship was confusing. Their off-chart chemistry made you root for them, but the toxic games and clear emotional incompatibility made them feel like a total mismatch. So was Carrie being cruel or was she just fed up?

TIED TOGETHER: A Song FeaCarrie and Mr. Big’s relationship is captured perfectly in Sex and the City

Can the answer be both? We think so. While the famous sex columnist didn’t handle her recent run-in with Mr. Big well, we can understand why she was feeling so defensive. Mr. Big had a habit of embroiling Carrie when she was reasonably well, and it felt like he was doing it on purpose. Still, with a little more finesse, she could have handled the ambush. Letting him know beforehand that she was moving would also have been the right thing to do.

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